Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Make Mine Red - Take 2

If you've been reading this blog awhile, you will remember a post with photographic evidence of the European fascination with hair color - in particular red (May '07).

I met with an Expat yesterday who just moved from St. Louis and we were discussing various things about living in Zurich, blah, blah, blah.... Mentioned my hairdresser, Niall, and that he was reasonable for the area and "he won't turn your hair orange!"

It was fear of my hair turning bright shades of red, that kept me from going to a salon here for about 8 months after my first experience (150chf and 2 hrs to get an inch trimmed off my "tips"). A year of no color work - Niall was not impressed when he first got ahold of my hair and at the same time promised he would never turn my hair orange. And he knew what I meant.

Bonus was: He said it all in English - he's Irish - and they speak English! Yahoo.

Because sometimes, you have to say "Hhhmmmmmm......" as you discreetly whip out the camera to take the picture. Do they really think that's a good look?

Funny thing - Bart just left for Prague this morning. Our family trip to Prague last year inspired the initial "Make Mine Red?" blog. Anyhoo...
FYI - I did not do anything to this photo after I took it - this is the straight print!


Makila said...

Until I clicked to make the picture bigger, it looks she is wearing a red hat. She looks like Ronald McDonald! :)

mandy said...

That is scary. We have a lot of international students here at the seminary, but none that are so... um... colorful!

Josh & Sarah said...

lol! I seriously thought it was a hat until I clicked on the picture and saw it bigger. Seriously?!? Crazy!!!