Monday, September 22, 2008

What we did this weekend

Bart returned safely from an overnight to Athens. This was the view out of his window. That's pretty much all he got to see. He said the city is more crowded and dirty than Rome - a day in the City is enough and the islands/coast would be a better visit.Sunday - This weekend we sewed! Here is Kendra with the eyes, nose and mouth finished on her little project we loosely refer to as a teddy bear.
I don't know of many people who sew anymore. It seems to be one of those lost arts. Do they even teach it in High Schools anymore?

I started learning to sew little things somewhere between Kindergarten and 1st grade. By 2nd grade, I knew enough embroidery that I embroidered a butterfly on one of my school dresses. Over the years, I continued to progress and even added to my wardrobe - prairie skirts, a Jr. prom dress, Big shirts of the '80's, bridesmaid dresses and eventually my own wedding dress. Some were nice - others were of poor fashion/fabric choice. And NO, I don't have many pictures of the unfortunate items! If I did, they've been destroyed.

It helped that my mom was sewing professionally when I was little. She was always working on something and very often, we three girls were wearing something she had made. She was really good - we still have some of the dresses and they still look beautifully done if a bit worn. Unlike mom, I tended to cut corners which is why I had some sorry looking stuff here and there. She can still do a hem that puts me to shame - quick, even and invisible.

Naturally, I would like to pass this on to my girls IF they are interested. As with anything else you teach children, if there is no desire, it's nearly impossible to teach them. They've both been asking to sew and we took time Sunday afternoon to break it all out. We settled on a little project that would teach them to sew on buttons and how to do a simple seam stitch.

I forget how technical sewing can be. All the instructions, the pattern, the grain, the selvage edges, finishing off, etc... I had to remind myself to only tell them what they absolutely needed to know.

Kendra is halfway done with her project.

But Rachel - this girl was not to be stopped. Here she is with "Rainbow."

She really wanted to finish so she could take it to bed with her. I had to do some minor surgery on Rainbow as Miss Rachel did not take my advice to shorten the length of her stitches or the stuffing would be poking out - she understands now. I was really impressed with her finishing it. Especially as hand-sewing is tedious. But the rule in this house is they have to learn it by hand before I'll teach them on the machine. I know I learned a lot just by watching my mom do it. Maybe I'll have to start sewing a bit more?

Saturday - We finally made it into Zurich to a restaurant called Tres Kilos. 'Everyone' says it is the best Mexican food you can find in Zurich. The food was very good.

Bart said the best "Mexican" food is still to be found in "Casa de Olson" as good food that has tortillas and cheese on the plate does not necessarily qualify it as 'Mexican.' The best mexican food we've found in Europe so far was in Prague. Yes - the Czech Republic. Go figure. And I am seasoning our Mexican food with McCormick seasoning packs imported from the US - so it's not that authentic. But at least it has some kick to it. And I use the Italian Asiago or Edamer (Denmark) cheese as they are closest to Mont. Jack. What I wouldn't give for a couple cans of Las Palmas - sigh -.

Enough of that - our friends and family are accustomed to us asking for Mexican food when we make our annual trek out to CA. We never tire of it over the course of a couple weeks. Mixed with a little In 'n Out - Yum.

Sharing a pic of the youngsters who still have a lot of fun together. "Dancin' in the Streets...."
We can't take those kids anywhere! Zurich will be so sad to see those dancin', American kids leave their streets someday.
And the tuning out of the family has begun. Rachel likes to follow in her daddy's footsteps on the train. I am with the ranks of the old folks and young children who don't have their heads plugged in while riding the train.
Kendra - she's still entertained by her own reflection in the big windows. She danced with herself halfway to Wadenswil.
Tomorrow I will be posting my "don't just live there, DO something" post as part of Mandy's month of DOing. You can check it out at - she has a different person posting just about every day for the month of September. Ciao!

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Makila said...

Great picture of you and Bart! I mean it girl, you look great. (Bart does too but you look GREAT!) Too often your pictures are of you on some mountain FAR away and we don't get to see your beautiful face. :)