Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I - CAN'T - DRIVE - 55...!!!!!!

Sung with raspy voice ala Sammy Hagar - and if you have big hair and can jump around in tight, ripped jeans - go for it.

Other title choices were:
"I always feel like, somebody's watching me...."
"Big Brother is Watching YOU"
"Pedal to the Metal"
"I cannot be trusted"

Can you see where this is going?

About every six months, the Kantonspolizei coffers say "Ka-ching" as I am reminded of the ever present and often un-noticeable cameras that grace the highways and byways of this fair country. Shall I point out that the speed limits often change 3 times within 3 kilometers depending on where you are?

APPARENTLY, I can't be trusted to drive the speed limit when on the A14 leaving Luzern at 10:15pm and I am the only person on the road. The camera lights start flashing, the girls are wondering what's going on and I realized "Smile, You're on Candid Camera."

So, at approx. 62 mph in a 55 mph zone - I get another one. Yes, Honey - this is my way of telling you. He doesn't get any because he really only drives to and from church every week - benefit of having only one car. Why do I confess these transgressions on the blog - because they frustrate me! I have a terribly hypocritical approach to driving - obey the law, except for speed when driving on freeways. I have a German mindset and the Swiss like to ticket the Germans.

They do take off a cushion so the ticket is small - so it's for 58 in a 55! And I understand the need for the camera's in some places. But - on the freeway! I hate the cameras!

You know, CA could do that and get out of their fiscal crisis real quick. What do you think family and friends of mine? :) hee hee


Judy said...

There are those speed cameras in Singapore too. The great thing about those is you get a warning. Yep. Before you get to the speed camera there is a sign posted that says: "Speed Camera Ahead." So the traffic slows down considerably until we are past the camera, then once past it, the traffic speeds up! Yep! Always made me laugh. Maybe the Swiss should take a suggestion from the Singaporeans...

Anonymous said...

It would never fly in CA, too many civil rights lawyers and they would have to subsidize those who couldn't afford their tickets. VA tried handing huge tickets to Virginians only..that didn't work so good either as the Marylanders could speed and walk away...


Olson Family said...

Hmmm - Not many civil rights lawyers in Switzerland.
At least here, people can still walk across the crosswalk without fear of being mowed down. This is of course, due to the strict speed limits being enforced.
But there are NO crosswalks on the freeway.
And the Swiss don't care what country you're from (vs State to State) - you break the law, you break the law! Honestly - why do we create laws in the US only to find that a small portion of people feel it "violates their rights" and blows it for all? What about the rights of the majority? Getting on my high horse again....didn't mean to sound like a Socialist. Been living in Euroland too long?

Judy - Italy is like Singapore, I always slowed down when I saw those warning signs :).

brainteaser said...

Hiya Susan!

I read Judy's comment and it made me laugh real hard.

I think you'll love to be warned when you're approaching a speed cam! Ahahaaha!

Considered migrating to Singapore yet? [Wink!]