Thursday, September 04, 2008

I have a REALLY small oven. Thankfully.

Really, I do. I am making Rachel's Birthday cake today (party is tomorrow) and decided I wanted a round cake. I haven't made a 'round' cake in 2 years - Bundt's or single layer cakes only.

Why? Layer cakes take me twice as long. I'm admittedly lazy at the baking. But I do it.

I have to bake one layer at a time - the oven doesn't fit two round pans! I even left my 'regular' cookie sheets in storage and had my Mom ship two 9 1/2 x 13 cookie sheets here.

Because they don't have cookie sheets here. Someone said they found some in Germany. However, when I'm in Germany, I don't typically take along my list of things 'I need but can't find' in Switzerland. Half the European children call them - cookies - biscuits. Because there is a whole other vocabulary out there in British English (depends on which vocabulary they've picked up) - and a biscuit to an English child is a cookie to an American child, a jumper is a sweatshirt, and a jumper is a pinafore/dress. I'm getting side-tracked aren't I?

So I'm baking a round, layered cake and getting ready for the sleepover party. Five 10 year old girls - Please pray for me - Really, it'll be fun.

Sometimes lists are fun. My grocery list bugged me today - the expense of it. So I'll share (I've converted to US meas. so you don't have to think too hard):

30 count TP
(not Charmin but the cheap stuff on sale) 17.50
Maple syrup - small 6.90
5 - tablespoon size packs Baking Powder
(don't even go there) 2.00
Table salt - small box .80
1/2 lb Powdered Sugar 2.80
Tomato Sauce 16 oz. 3.60
2/3 lb Carrots 1.20
4 Pears 1.70
3 Apples 2.00
1/3 lb Diced Turkey 5.30
Sliced Sandwich turk. 1/4 lb 6.10
1/3 lb Bacon 9.70
almost 1/2 lb Chicken breast 12.00
6 eggs 3.70
Sliced cheese (6)- Edamer for sandwiches 2.80
1/4 lb Butter 2.80
Yogurts (6 pack Aktifit drinkable) 4.00
1 Gal. Milk 5.50 (not that diff. from Organic)
"Toast" bread (10 slices) 2.20
3 Silserzoepfli's (rolls made with pretzel dough) 2.50

A grand total of $95.10. Items in red are prices I find outrageous - others are just a little higher. Dare I reveal that a can of refried beans costs 3.50? It can drive me crazy. And no, I am not buying all premium, organic items. A few but its mostly generics/general items in there - it's not as though there are tons of variety to choose from.

I'm a poster-child for living overseas right now, aren't I? :) Yeah, and our gas prices have only declined about 15 cents - still at about $7.30/gal.

BUT. As frustrated as I get with my small oven and crazy food prices, I am so thankful to have them and afford them. We are blessed. Food in the kitchen, nice flat to live in, a car, clothes, etc...

I wouldn't like living in Zimbabwe right now. Everyone we know from there or S. Africa are very saddened by the state of affairs. It is very humbling and sad.

Medical centers are nearly empty - for want of qualified Dr.'s/Nurses who've had to leave and because there's not adequate equipment or medications (if you break your leg, bring along your own plaster to get it set with). Grocery stores are nearly empty and few people have enough $$ to pay anyway in spite of the currency reconstruction. Because when inflation is at 10,000% and more, you really have to take another look at the State of Affairs - Right?

Be Thankful.

I'm obviously all over the place today. We wonder "Will we extend a year?" "Will we be headed back to the States in June?" "Where will you go back to?" We don't know - but a lot of people are asking lately. So there's the answer. Ich weiss nicht.

Probably why my thoughts are touching on the things above. IF we are heading back, I will have a big oven again. IF we are heading back, we'd like to save more money because we'll have a lot of things that'll need replacing/buying (cars, towels, sheets, furniture) on our return. IF we are heading back - Can make you crazy. 'Cause we just don't know.

However, Matt. 6:33-34 has a cool promise:

"But seek first His kingdom and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you (speaking previously of man's needs). Therefore do not be anxious for tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."


Jason said...

i ordered the 'baby vac' from canada. when you go to hungary check out the 'orrszivo porszivo', it might be better.

Olson Family said...

So - can you pronounce that for me 'cause I only speak German - with an American/Swiss accent.