Monday, September 08, 2008

What I'm doing this Fall....

OK - This question (above title) was posed on Beth Moore's website and my friend JD picked it up and so now I am too. I'm a Blogworld copycat.

At least I admit it and give credit where credit is due first.

Before I get into what I'm doing this Fall, I thought I'd explain the Bloglist over there at the left. It's new. Not a list of all the Blogs I read but very representative - all are good writers in their own way. I listed only those that are very public - and one of which I got permission to include. If you'd like to be included, let me know - I will not post a link without permission. You'll see a trend for Southern humor - not that I'm ready to live in the South but I find these ladies funny and smart.

However, most of you reading this now don't have Blogs! You check our sight to see what we've been up to and what different shade of hair color I might be reporting on.

I'll admit I like to read Blogs. I like to read the Blogs of my friends (although it keeps me homesick for IA - none of my CA friends have Blogs and if they do, they're keepin' mum about it) and those of other people with whom I can relate via age, experience, beliefs, hobbies or goals. Or that just make me laugh. Some really challenge me. I don't read any that make me uncomfortable(devisive or weird) - they're all uplifting but challenging in their way. I'll be participating in a month of blogs on "Do Something" over at (I will do mine on 9/23). So if you're curious about that, you can hop over to her blog.

And when living far from 'Home' - they remind me of the type of community I wish to find ourselves back in when we return.

I love to read. Blogs give me a quick "read" fix, challenge me and entertain me. I read them in place of magazines now. It saves Bart a lot of $$$. Except for In Style. I'm still willing to drop some $$$ at the Kiosk in Zurich for that. Because it doesn't report things like the death of Tori Spelling's chiuahua (People mag. - you stooped too far and I don't think I'll ever recover).

So that's my long-winded explanation of the Bloglist for those who don't "Blog."

What am I doing this Fall:

  • German class
  • Bible Study
  • Part-time worship leader at Church (like motherhood, more challenging than one ever imagines it to be)
  • Room mother for Kendra AND Rachel's classes
  • Evening Ogre - have to get homework, instrument practise and daily 'exercises' done
  • Part-time travel agent (Bart & I seem to have finally split this well - he did most of it before)
  • Birthday party organizer (last weekend's slumber party was successful - hooray!)
  • Family Banker
  • Trying to get ahold of the family photo album/picture situation (I take too many pics!)
  • Chauffeur, Gardener, Cook, Housekeeper, Lunch-maker (can't wait til they make their own!), Seamstress
  • Traveler: Salzburg, Hungary (taking the girls to Sopron with some friends coming from IA - I'm so excited to see them), Berlin or Munich, maybe France with girlfriends, and then Oman for New Year holidays
  • Wife to the nicest husband
  • Daughter to Dad who is coming in November for 2 weeks
  • Being busy apparently
  • Reading: Bible study "a Heart like His", Ken Follett "Eye of the Needle", 20 Minuten (free Zurich paper on trains - trying), Gardens of Water - Alan Drew . Half of this list will change by next week. So, Reading.

So that's what I'm doing this Fall. What are you doing?

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Linds said...

First of all - I hope you don't mind me listing you on my blog - for me it is a way to visit my favourite places when I am away from this computer and my favourites on the desktop. I don't have a laptop (yet) and - oh well. Let me know if you want me to remove you!

I love the idea of an autumn list. Fall list. I will definitely do one too. Number one will be to get off this wretched couch and start moving again soon. It is driving me crackers. I am dyign to get to Engelberg soon too and to walk in "my" mountains!