Monday, September 24, 2007

Monkey Mountain

aka - Montagnes des Singes for those of you who would prefer to read French. We took a little ride outside of Colmar to this preserve of Barbary Macaques. Your entrance to the park includes one small handful of popcorn which you can feed them with. They warn you to hide the rest in your hand and feed them one piece at a time - they can be greedy and your little handful doesn't go far if you give it all to one monkey.

We all loved it. There are 280 monkeys living on this 14 hectacre preserve - Don't ask me how big a hectacre is but let's just say we only saw a portion of this property and a portion of the monkeys. Those that don't wish to socialize with humans are off on their own searching for bugs in the forest floor. It was very cool and the young monkeys played non-stop providing much entertainment.

Obviously I have some kind of hair obsession BUT - don't you just see a little bit of similarity here? Just a little?? Of course I do believe that God created the monkey and human separately but maybe liked the color?? Hee Hee I love you Kris!

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ya, still waking up at 3am here.. and hungry -jnk