Monday, September 24, 2007

Colmar, France

This is the delightful little French village of Colmar. It is a little under 2 hrs from us near the French, German & Swiss borders. Did I mention yet that it was delightful. As Bart observed (please note - he has two daughters) "It looks like something out of Beauty and the Beast." The buildings were so cute & quaint & colorful and there were restaurants and shopping and lots of tourists. But it is so cute - of course the tourists want to come. And as there was shopping (at more reasonable prices to be had than in Schweiz even at full price - and I counted 5 kids clothing stores!!!! (they don't retail to kids in Schweiz)) and it's just so delightful - we will go back. With or without visitors. Kris is NOT that much taller than I am (and look where she reaches to on Jason) - she must be standing on a step! I don't know how to photoshop inches on my person, otherwise I would!!!

Yeah - Well - If you've seen my "Make Mine Red?" blog you will understand that I just could NOT let this one go. PURPLE - on a grown woman. With her little arm candy hound of yappy distinction. This color is unnatural enough on 15 yr olds let alone 60 yr olds. But should the hair dying trend grow on me after enough time here and I return to the US with eggplant auburn hair - please show me these blogs and send me to counseling.

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