Monday, September 24, 2007

Chocolate & HSM2

J & K and I (S) went to Zurich for a day of exploring and naturally, I took them to the Sprungli store in Paradeplatz (where every self-respecting tourist to Zurich must pay a visit). They were handing out free samples of their fresh truffles (which must be eaten w/in 3 days due to the high butter/cream content - sorry, no overseas shipments allowed). As you can see by the look on J's face, it was a small light/dark chocolate piece of Heaven. So we figured - hey, on our way back thru he can get another sample - especially if K & I don't go in with him - less recognizable perhaps. So, next pic is the disappointed J as they were all out of free samples - but it was worth the effort. Note: do not try to take pic's inside the Sprungli facility! A very nasty Chocolate guard will come and scold you. It would really help if they would put up the little "no camera" signs like at the museum. I used my dumb American tourist act and did not apologise in German - Hah!

High School Musical 2!!!

It was a party - 6 girls and 6 adults. To watch the viewing of this much anticipated sequel on Disney Channel. While those of you friends in the US now have the songs and choreography memorized I'm sure, we had to patiently wait for the Sept. 21st premiere in the UK via our satellite subscription. As you can see from the countdown photo's, these girls highly anticipated this movie and apparently it did not disappoint. We, grown-ups, were shushed many a time as we giggle thru parts of this movie and at the girls reactions. We tried to keep straight faces thru the whole singing/choreography of the golf course scene (Troy) and failed but tried to keep our giggles down.

The kids thought this movie was better than the 1st, adults thought the opposite. We'll see - this isn't exactly Star Wars or Raiders of the Lost Ark OR Lord of the Rings that we're talking about. So much fun was had!

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