Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Happy Birthday Rachel and Other Trivia

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACHEL! 9 JAHRE ALT! Rachel enjoyed her Birthday which consisted of a movie party, with 4 boys and 4 girls she invited, Pizza, Cake (Gma Elaine has our undying gratitude for sending over a chocolate cake mix - the kids LOVED it) and then a sleepover with the girls. We really enjoyed the round of Happy Birthday's sung by the kids - in English, Deutsch, French, Italian and Dutch! Our mistake was that we didn't get it recorded. The present of the night seemed to be the 2 school paper folders Gma Elaine sent - had pic's of High School Musical on them. Had we not intervened, they might have been torn to shreds - the girls were grabbing at them trying to see. Nope, don't see those in our local papeterie or school supply department. All went well and Bart and I survived. I must say that some of the kids were bouncing off the wall but things went well and we actually had only 2 girls stay the whole night as 2 were picked up at 10pm. Not for problems, just because they don't like to sleepover. Fine by me! And it seems the whole sleepover thing would be easier if not attached to a party. This way, the parents don't have to feel like activity directors - the pressure! Bart was enormously valuable in many ways - especially in cleaning up and taking care of trivia while I french braided 5 little girls hair (Kendra opted out, thank you, Kendra) and attempted to prevent nail-polish casualties on the living room rug.
I was not strong enough to convince them "no polish on the carpet" while they watched Duma (if I heard one more "oh, it's so cute" and "you know, the cheetah is endangered and I know ALL about it" I was ready to throw them out into a little GreenPeace boat and let them float away). I say that in jest but I do predict one of them might just throw paint at me should I ever have the nerve to show up at school in the fox coat hanging in the closet (hand-me down) - and she might convince my daughter to throw it along-side her. These are scary times we live in. But really, it turned out alright (put a blanket on the carpet for manicure duty) and they consumed stacks of pancakes the next morning along with bacon and eggs - courtesy of the Breakfast Chef Bart. Otherwise, they would have had bakery goods and cereal - I don't cook breakfast . BUT, I purchased real maple syrup from Canada for them to eat with their pancakes so I could prolong our selfish consumption of the Log Cabin.

This was the 1st day of school pic - in the rain again. I think every 1st day of school pick has had rain in it with exception of Rachel's Kgarten pic. Whether in Iowa or Switz. we have rain. And have we had rain lately - I won't even get started except to say there was hail in the rain yesterday and I started out this morning with 6 degr C and it has finally warmed up to 13. But then again, I am not suffering from the heat like some of you have been. A nice day or two of 19/20 would be great - warm but not too warm.

School started with a bang - we have more homework than last year for both so I am finding myself trying to be more disciplined about getting things done while they are in school. Bart has helped out a lot with R's homework which has been GREAT!!! R has violin (had to choose an instrument for 4th grade band and she picked the hard one) but is enjoying her lessons and practising when I ask. K had been wanting to take piano so we gave in and she is really enjoying it and the teacher is enjoying her. I keep thinking I'll learn someday but for now, need to stick to German class. They have a couple of other little activities after school to keep them busy while the other takes their instrument class. The days haven't been too long so far - just feels a little crazy still.

And sister Kris and bro-in-law Jason get here tomorrow afternoon - Yeah!!!!! they are spending 3 weeks with us and I am thrilled as we haven't seen them since Christmas '05. Too long. They are in-between things right now as they have completed their initial call in Australia and are waiting to see where the Lord would send them next - pray for them.


Josh & Sarah said...

ltm - I had wondered about the precious pancake syrup right before I read the sentence about how you got a different kind for the girls. :) You are too cute!

Jason & Kris Bauernfeind said...

we'll be seeing you soon!!!!!

Olson Family said...

Yes - by time J & K read this again, they'll be here! And for the 2nd time, I've corrected the date for when we last saw them. It was Christmas 2005, not 1996 or 2006 - man, I need to slow down!