Monday, September 17, 2007

A Busy Week

Here the girls are in their new PJ's. Daddy just got back from Singapore on Sat. morning and brought these back - they wore them the rest of the day! Bart enjoyed his trip - first time to the Orient. And he didn't feel a single earthquake. We aren't used to having him gone like that anymore so it was so nice to have him home. Here we are (minus the photographer :) ) on Sun. The weather has really cleared up and was great for a walk after lunch on Sunday. Jason was given (and took) the opportunity to preach at our Church on Sunday and Kris helped me lead Worship songs - had a great day. It was a pleasure to have a guest speaker at church as well. I think a good break for the Elders who are preaching on a rotating schedule until we are able to get the Pastor the church has called. It can be difficult to get Visa's here for certain occupations and it seems that Ministry is one of them. So "Pastor Bruce" is waiting in S. Africa with his wife until the Swiss Gov't. sees fit to grant the church the Work Visa. A long process. And a process that Kris & J will have to wait out again should they return to Australia. But they don't yet know what the future holds - and while they are waiting we are so happy to have them here!

You can catch a summary of Jason's message on their blog if you just click on 'Kris & Jason' in my Friends & Family list over on the left column of this blog (specific instructions for the less technologically savvy readers of whom we have a couple - and we love you!).

They headed to Spittal, Austria (pronounced shpee-tahl, not spittle! I am going to whack Bart upside the head soon for mispronunciation - Ha Ha) this morning for a couple of days. Calvary Chapel Europe has a conference center in a small Schloss (castle) on a lake there that is available to staff with meals. The train ride between Zurich and Spittal is said to be absolutely beautiful and as the clouds are burning off here, I imagine they will have a good time enjoying the view on their 7.5hr train ride. They are planning to head back on Thurs. via Salzburg. "Doe, a deer, a female deer, Ray, a drop of golden suuuun, Me,....." Sorry - can't resist when the word "Salzburg" is mentioned (esp. since I used "The hills are alive..." last week).

OK - this was the window display of a high-end maternity store in Old Zurich I saw the other night. I'm sorry, I just don't get what mice in baskets of bread have to do with being pregnant? If I was pregnant again (which I am most definitely NOT), I would not want mice in my bread and would probably beat them with it. Maybe the mice are symbolic of fertility? Whatever - It was cute and funny and an example of the continuously entertaining window shopping that can be found here.
Next up - Zurich Hauptbahnhof at night. We went out to dinner with Kris & J the other night - yummy Italian (I can still smell the truffles.....). And I decided to take a few pic's of the main train station as it is always packed on a weekend - even at 12am. There are travelers waiting for trains and kids hanging out. The pic directly below shows the main meeting point at the station - If you tell someone you'll meet them at the clock in the Hauptbahnhof, this is where you would come. Easy to find and you'll know whether you are early, on-time or late - very important in Swiss culture (to be on-time!).

So Bart is out of town again for a night, the girls are at school, Kris & Jason should be hitting the border of Italy/Austria right now, I am done with today's Blog and think I will go pick the weeds that are growing so well in this cool wet climate. Aufwiedersehen!

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