Monday, September 10, 2007

Majesty & Glory!

For their first weekend with us, we took Kris & Jason to - not a castle, not a museum, not a restaurant serving "Zuerich-style" mit rosti (thinly sliced veal with a lovely creamy mushroom-wine sauce and rosti which is like a giant hash-brown potato pancake) or the local brat stand - but to one of our favorite places in the world at this point - the Lauterbrunnen Valley - Muerren for this trip. For those of you familiar with this blog - once again we returned to the home of the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau. Should I ever manage to have 3 dogs at once, or over the span of our lifetime, don't be suprised to find any one of them or all, named after these incredible mountains.

In spite of the travels to different cities with their many different wonders, the natural wonders of the world our God created fill us with awe every time. We had a good drive in on Fri., got to introduce travel to the car-free city of Muerren by aerial cable and small train (one car on a little mountain track) to K & J and all took a taste of Fondue (S & R's) at dinner. Sat. was clear and beautiful with a long hike and many pic's. By time we made it up to the Schilthorn/Piz Gloria revolving restaurant at the top, the clouds were forming and we got pretty socked-in but that's part of the weather in Switzerland (we won't discuss how summer left us at the end of July). They were entertained by the sounds of cow bells and the encounters on the mountains and of course, Rachel & Kendra who are sooooo very glad to have them here. Sun. was misty and much cooler but we still had a great hike and a lot of fun. So here are some pic's to go with:
Rachel is getting good at photography!
The city of Muerren below us, the peaks of the Eiger(l) and Monch (r) .Relaxing and taking some pic's.
The girls and the ever present "Sound of Music" (aka Cow Bells)
One of the cool mushrooms seen during our hikes.

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