Monday, May 16, 2011

Where do I start?

As you know, I'm not good at writing posts when I have company in town. The girls and I dropped my mom off at the airport yesterday morning and didn't do much for the rest of the day - yes I took a lovely nap. And got distracted by Gone with the Wind on TCM when I should have been going to bed. "As God is my witness, I shall never go hungry again...." A riveting movie after all these years.

This morning I sit wondering what to write about. We packed a lot into last week and there is always something going on re: the move. So I'm going to dwell on it a bit, clean my house, go to Moms in Touch, clean some more, go through pictures (I hope) and have something very fun and exciting for you with the next post. Maybe. If I'm lucky.

For now I'll offer a couple updates:

Went back to the airport this morning to drop Rachel off for her class trip to Spain. They will be in Cordoba and Granada and I'm just praying all week for the buses/coaches that will be driving them around. If you've ever driven in Spain..... you get it. Kendra and I are looking forward to our time together and will work at getting to bed on time and getting up on time as we both tend to want to stay up late and sleep in late. Danger, Danger..... Rachel's not around to keep us on schedule.

My Bro-in-law came through both his surgeries with good results according to medical staff but portion's of this process have been surprising/more difficult/painful than they anticipated. He is recovering and is in good health but as he is primary caretaker of the kids during the week (he works 3 day shifts Fri. - Sun.) and they had been led to expect a quicker recovery. So we're still praying for him and my sister as they go through each day. He's already joking about the headaches/pain with "yeah, feels like someone drilled a hole in my head"...... But prognosis on how this will affect his future treatment is good. Yeah.

Bart is now up to his neck in work where he didn't have much 2 weeks ago. He's traveling every week to Seattle for the forseeable future on a client and in between, making a trip to see his parents in MN and then a trip to visit us and then back again for the move. In between, he has to sign papers for the closing on the house, check out of the corporate apartment, drop all his stuff temporarily at a friends and look for/buy a car. He's not wasting away in SF without us.

The sparrows that built their lovenest above our blinds make a racket every day feeding their babies. The babies make a racket waiting to be fed. Things that eat must relieve themselves so there is an absolute mess on the blinds and the windows. Praying the babies grow quickly and leave the nest soon so I can clean it all up. Hope to see the babies at least. Not fair to have the mess and no reward.

Til next post.......

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