Thursday, May 05, 2011

People on my Mind - Prayers

I have a couple people especially on my mind today and would like to ask you to pray along with me if you feel led.

One is my dear Bro-in-Law - location Hawaii. He will be having the first of two surgeries tomorrow for the DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation? something like that which I forgot to look up the proper translation) procedure. He's my age and was diagnosed with Parkinson's 9 years ago - almost to the month. This procedure calls for the implantation of a device - in the brain - that is connected to a electrical stimulator/battery (located under the collarbone) which will hopefully allow him more control over the tremor portion of this disease. And eliminate a good portion of the drug cocktail he takes multiple times a day.

Please pray for him, the Dr's and my sister - surgery is tomorrow, Friday, morning in HI.

I have a sweet, young friend who I love that suffers from a chronic disease. Details are not mine to give on a blog but suffice it to say that she is in pain most of the time right now and things are complicated. I'm praying a miracle for her. So is this young lady: God doesn't always answer our prayers according to our wishes and timing. That I know. I pray His mercy and grace will be seen in all circumstances.

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Susan said...

Adding my prayers to yours - and that sweet girl on the bench. God bless you all.