Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Is the grass greener?

Sigh. A view of the yard that is soon to be ours. All that green grass. Ignore the grass on the hillside - it's soon to turn brown for summer! That said - I'm thrilled to have an empty hillside to look out from my kitchen window. I hope to see plenty of wild turkeys and deer roaming on that hill.

This lawn will be so easy to mow. Especially after living with.... ...this natural field which I both love and which drives me crazy. Which my husband is not present to mow. No pressure honey - just calling the game as it's playing out.

I'm actually a bit proud of my capabilities. The mower is not easy to start - old gas mower with manual ignition (pull that rotary string as hard as you can). I find it easiest to brace against the big rock in the back for the first time or two. Once it's been running, it's not so bad.

The daisies and dandelions are pretty but attract a lot of bees - need to wear shoes for sure on this lawn.

Done just in time for the thunderstorm.

Unfortunately, the thunderstorm didn't bring much rain with it.

We have had summer weather for April and May but very little rain (normal for summer). They're saying it's the worst drought in Switzerland in 150 years. Temps have been in the mid-70's and the plants are all blooming early. The fields are looking a little less green and I've had to water the lawn 3-4 times already. I typically water the lawn 3 - 4 times the whole summer - in July, not in April/May.

I'll miss my garden. I don't think I'll miss mowing the lawn though. Nah, just don't see it. It's an obstacle course.

Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day! My mom is here and we had a lovely, lovely weekend in Germany/Austria. We did a little castle-hopping with the girls and really enjoyed ourselves.

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom and the girlies who are the reason I'm a Mom:


Sarah said...

Rachel looks so grown up in that picture with your mom. My goodness! I know you have posted pictures of her recently, but there is a definite change in this picture.

Beautiful girls!

Olson Family said...

@ Sarah - Rachel has changed so much, even since last summer. At this age, they change as much as they did when they're toddlers - they're just bigger! She's a sweetie. Thanks.