Monday, May 16, 2011

Missin' the Kissin'

Not sure this is the great post you were hoping for but - it's my Blog and I get to choose!

Feeling a little fiesty with all the to-do's and stuff I'm tasked with accomplishing in the next 6 weeks - most of which needs to be done in 4. Today's Mom's in Touch characteristic for God was strength - it's a good thing I have His strength to rely on and not my own!

These pictures are from the Sechselauten (Zurich Guilde's) Parade a number of years ago but they demonstate a normal course of everyday life between friends and family - Kissing in Switzerland.

In these pictures, the women are giving the men a traditional kiss (and flowers) - known in our house as the "Swiss kiss."

The Swiss kiss differs from the typical "European kiss" as it requires 3 pecks instead of two. There may be a hand shake preceding - as the hand shake begins, you draw near for the 3 pecks, air kisses or cheek to cheek's.

Not a complicated process unless you start to "Swiss kiss" and it turns out that they are German or Italian and therefore done with 2 - and you're cracking their nose going for that 3rd round.

How does one know whom to kiss (and this goes for male & female unless otherwise noted)? Family - yes. Close friends - yes. A friend you haven't seen for a while - yes - men typically shake. Colleague - hand shake but between mixed genders at a social function the kiss is fine. Hosting at your home - yes, on arrival and departure. If it is a first time introduction, shake their hand upon greeting and then departure would be a shake or kiss depending on how the evening/relationship develops.

This is how I've observed it over the years. I may be wrong in my analysis but I don't think I'm too far off. One may not always greet one another with such a kiss but it is a warm gesture that says "I care about you as friend/family/new friend and wish you well."

I always imagine my Valley Church friends greeting each other with kisses - you know who you are. That's what it'd be like in Switzerland for you if you unexpectedly ran into each other in the mall or in church after an absence. Hello and kisses instead of hello and hugs.

It's an important form of communication.

THAT SAID - We do not kiss when we are feeling run down, etc....etc..... There is a responsibility here to other peoples health. And that said, there are probably more germs exchanged via hand shakes than our "Swiss kiss."

So - if I come at you with a kiss, give me some time. The instinct will fade I'm sure but I like it so it will be slow to go.

A good ole' American hug will do too.


Makila said...

I'll take a kiss! :)

Anonymous said...

The angle those kissing pics where taken from looks familiar. Can't wait for everyone to get to SF.