Sunday, April 10, 2011

What's this? I have a Blog?!!!

Ah. Yes, I have a Blog and I am back. I seem to have typed those words quite frequently in the last 4 - 6 months. I used to get several posts per week in but lately - other things have taken priority and I've taken to processing many things internally or in person vs getting to the Blog. A good thing I hope?

This last week has been CRAZY. Capital letters required. We dropped Bart off at the airport last Sunday and since then it's been a round of activities with the girls all of which included some fun outings, school, music recitals (only 3!), after school activities, homework, Dr. appt's, other appointments, yard work (found out gardener can no longer do our lawn/garden), appointments for the house and - I'm really thankful this next week doesn't have too much packed into it.

I admire all the single parents out there. I know it's not always a choice. Our situation is temporary and although we've done it before when business travel requires it, it feels different when you know that it will be some time before the partner is available on a day to day basis to ease the parental load. I put Bart's slippers away in his closet and felt sad realizing he won't see them for 2 months. That's not the only reason I miss him of course!

I have pictures from our week but of course, I loaded them in backwards order chronologically so please bear with me. I am going to put this in print so the skies are sure to open up tomorrow - the weather has been gorgeous! For almost 2 solid weeks! Only one day of rain. It is highly unusual and we are having better weather than we had in August. No joke. Skies are blue, temps are about 68 - 72 and we are outside as much as possible. After such a long season, let's say the last year, of so-so weather, this is an absolute delight.

So the girls and I ventured into Zurich yesterday for a bit of girl fun. At left you can see the GrossMuenster which I mentioned having taken Bart to the top of. Tower at the right is accessible to the top of the square platform below the domed tower. A landmark of the city. The flags are flying as it is the weekend of Sechselauten when the Guilds of Zurich hold their annual parades. Rachel in front of the "Red dog" on the building behind. She has a fantastic Social Studies teacher who also conducts tours of Zurich and surrounding cities based on various historical periods and overviews. She's been on 3 trips into the City with her class and as they are going about he shares the folklore and history. So she often acts as a bit of a tour guide when we're out an about now.
I've promised the girls for months to take them to the Felix Cafe at Bellevue - a Cafe with a Teuscher chocolatier shop. We had a light lunch and I had promised they could have desserts of their choice. Kendra is the queen of Creme Brulee which she finished off after a cheese soufle and part of her salad. My kind of girl!
We bypassed the Trams in order to walk along the Limmat river - it was so beautiful and we weren't the only ones with the camera out. Tourists and residents alike were clicking away!
Speaking of clicking away. Last Sunday's trip after dropping Bart off included me asking Rachel to take a few pic's on our drive home. She's incapable of "clicking off a few." More likely to click off whatever remains on the digi storage card!
At one point I said "we're taking the scenic route home." Rachel, in her Jr High sarcastic deadpan, says "Mom, every route in Switzerland is scenic." She's pretty much right - except when it's foggy. She is not happy about leaving the scenery of Switzerland.

Why were we driving home - ah, yes. After dropping Bart off, we went to the Wildpark im Albis. It's like an open zoo but home to a mix of species all of which were once at home in Switzerland - some 900 years ago but there nonetheless. There are different species of deer, ibex, bear, lynx, moose (called Elk in Europe), wolves, wild boar, foxes, etc... The enclosures are situated along a stretch of hillside outside of Zurich - beautiful setting with lots of space and as it is a privately and publicly funded park - it's free. Donations accepted of course.

There's also a terrific playground: And a favorite: da Moose. It was a good way to enjoy the outdoors and get our minds off other things.

@ Mom - tried to load the vid's of the girls individual recital pieces but Blogger is just not having it.

Bart is busy settling into his new office and gradually moving into a new workload. He's busy this weekend looking at houses and weeding the possibilities down. Fun. Sort of. It's a bit of work! We want to pick the right one and stay in it for a while......

I think, I think I might even squeeze a few more posts in this week :)


Makila said...

I am sad you will be away from Bart for two months. I will pray for you all as you conclude this journey and prepare for the next one. I love reading. Don't stop, :)

Susan said...

Let's try this again - my first comment attempt failed!

I always love your blog and photos, and today is no different -- especially when you have a pic of a Moose! You made this Alaskan girl's day!

Katherine said...

I'm going to have to go look for the moose...we usually just look at bears, wildcats, wild boar, lynx, bunnies, goats, deer, and wolves. Where are the moose? On the other side of the road?