Thursday, April 28, 2011

And Just Where Have I Been?

No apologies from me for the Blog absence. As I mentioned before, I've been playing Realtor from afar and Bart had been going out with our Realtor in CA to whittle down the list of targets. We've actually been in CA this entire Spring Break! As I don't discuss these things in advance on the Blog for security reasons, you're finding out now - right before we depart for Zurich and our own beds. :)

The foggy view out of the little corporate apartment that Bart is staying in. It's been fun to be in the City by the Bay for our trip. Different but fun. I forget how many people talk to themselves on the streets of San Francisco. No - these people are not talking into their Bluetooth. Just talkin' to themselves....... We've done a bit of sightseeing. The girls have not been in SF since they were itty-bitty so it's been fun to do the city as tourists. Their first time across the Golden Gate:

We logged plenty of time crossing the Bay Bridge:
We even took a quick trip down South to visit sister Kris (and bro-in-law J) with new baby L (2.5 months old) and his big sister J. Spent a beautiful, sunny day at Huntington Beach:
They were also interested in all the fun shops in Chinatown (back in SF):
Mission Accomplished! We found a house. A nice, comfortable house with open space to one side located on a quiet cul de sac. Look what's down the street:
There California cows instead of Swiss cows but figure they'll make us feel right at home.

More later - maybe some jetlagged ramblings...... Cheers!

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Hi! It's me, Julie! said...

Hi Friend! I haven't been blogging much and reading blogs even less frequently so I am just now catching up on your goings-on! Congratulations on finding a house and nice that there are cattle down the street. I won't tell on you if they discover large bells on their necks! ; )
Love you guys! Prayers for all that is going on for you!