Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Part-time Realtor?

Well – I thought I would have more time for the blog but…….most of my time has been spent looking at houses, houses, houses online. I’ve decided it’s more fun looking at houses online when you don’t have to actually buy one. At least not in the near future. In a location you haven’t really been in for years. In a short amount of time.

OK – not complaining here even if it sounds like it. It’s more like explaining the process and the bit of stress that accompanies it. It (the stress) exists even though you are prepared for it and you have ample time and resources to get ready for it. Maybe – it’s just having to buy a house in the Bay Area again! At least we are coming back at a good time – many blessings in that. Home prices still seem high compared to when we bought our first house in the East Bay in 1996 but at least they are not as ridiculous as they were 5 years ago. I do feel for many people though – so many are upside down on their loans. Additionally, we’ve grown accustomed to not having a mortgage and frankly, that part is just a bit scary.

However, I look forward to having my own house again. I can paint it, change it, etc… If I bang something up, it’s my own fault and I don’t have to answer to anyone but myself. Bart is doing the “pre-shopping” with the Realtor so he can whittle the number of houses to look at down. It’s hard to know, even with looking on-line, what exactly a house will feel like once you’re there and what the neighborhood is like. He said they’ve had some that they just drove right on by – they’re having fun. And such a wide range – houses he really liked but not the lot or neighborhood and vice versa. So if one could pick up a house and plunk it on the right lot…….

So that’s what I’ve been up to lately. I’ve also been tearing around the yard mowing and edging and keeping it clean along with the house for prospective renters. I know I probably go overboard but it’s just how I’m built. Our occasional gardener decided that he would not be able to do the lawn mowing this Spring after all. Right after Bart left. So I need to find someone who is willing to take care of that but just until we move – not easy.

The girls are doing great – even though they miss their dad. I’m a lucky, lucky mom. Until next time – just need to find the time……… don’t give up on me! 

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