Friday, April 01, 2011

Oh - Where do the days go?

April 1st. April Fool's Day. But we aren't fools.

The day was nice and Bart had his last official day with the Swiss firm on March 31. No more CH email or cell phone. He's actually feeling a little naked with no personal, mobile communications device. He will quickly rectify that situation once he reaches the West Coast. He'll use our summertime, pre-paid, cheapy phone from Target in the interim.

He and I planned a day into the City after showing the house to a prospective renter this morning (I hope the house rents soon!). It was a lovely day in spite of a few early clouds. The Bellevue side of Lake Zurich is one of the first places we became acquainted with when we moved. The lakeside becomes crowed during lunch on a sunny day with students, tourists and people on their lunchbreak. This includes "hausfrau's" who like to sit with a bretzel and people watch. Standing in line at the Sternen Grill - the place for a St. Galler Bratwurst and Gold Buerli Brot for lunch:
Don't forget the mustard! It's hot and delicious with a brat. We hate to think we are doing "lasts" but it is our reality and we are enjoying every single minute:
On our way to a specific destination in which we were purchasing a long, overdue gift item, we walked up the steps toward the GrossMunster (twin towered central church of the Reformation in Zurich) and I said "you've never been up the tower of the GrossMunster, have you?" Bart confirmed that "no - I have not."

"My treat!" was the response and we climbed the itsy, bitsy circular stone stairs to the creaky wooden ones until we reached the top.

A fitting end to his 5 years in Zurich:

The view on a nice day is fantastic and worth the 4 chf if you want the height - as you can see, there aren't many high-rises in Zurich city!
Bart will return for a long weekend and to complete the final move back but as of today - he's back on US email, etc.... We have but a short time and we'll join him for some house-hunting fun. What a great weekend for a send-off:
Complete with fire and roasted marshmellows:
We have been so blessed!

And that's just about all I can say right now. The rest is just floating in my head - to be heard by few.

I'll be back in a few days - need to give it some time..... Cheers!


Shelly @ Life on the Wild Side said...

Oh Susan, I am going to miss all of your gorgeous photos and following along on all of your adventures throughout Switzerland. But you have new adventures ahead of you which I will also gladly follow. I'll be thinking of you as you wrap things up. God bless you.

Sarah said...

All choked up over here...

Susan said...

What a day for you two - a beautiful day to reflect and enjoy Zurich. I LOVE Sternen Grill - in fact, it's where Jesse has a sausage once a year! And the view from the Grossmuenster was so lovely. Blessings upon blessings - with more to come in the States.

Hi! It's me, Julie! said...

Susan, oh dear one. I wish I could be coming over to help you pack and have an espresso! To give you hugs and laugh together! I am praying for you and all the moments. Love you!

Great picture of'll be glad you have that one!