Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Birds Nest

I often refer to our house as "my bird's nest." Sometimes I call it the Eagles Nest but then I think of H--ler and I don't want to be associated with him.

For the last month, I've tried adjusting the exterior blinds, keeping them entirely up or closed all the way down. Nothing works. Nothing seems to stop this sparrow couple in love who wish to build themselves a nest. They figured out a way to get up under the blind canopy so that even if I move the blinds themselves, their little piece of construction stays put. So I've quit trying. Therefore, I'm subjected all day to rattling and scraping noises while they work and their frantic swooping when disturbed. Here they are: And again here - I purposely rattled the shades and this is what they do: sit and watch. He is on the post at left and she is sitting below the daffodils on the ledge at right. They sit and watch us. See if we are dangerous or not. Wait until they feel they can safely go back to work. Making a mess on my windowsill.
The fruit stand down the road is all dressed for Spring:
The Cherry Blossoms have been be-ooooo-teeee-ful. Seriously. Lovely. I have to share these few pictures (yes, I have more) as Mom has experienced a relatively lack-lustre Cherry Blossom season in Wash. DC. This was disappointing as she had a friend out from CA (HI C!) who booked her trip specifically for that time.
The difference between these cherry trees and those in Wash DC is this - these trees produce cherries. They are delicious. I'm thinking we may not be around to have any this year. Oh, so sad as I love the fresh cherries. Maybe I'll plant a tree in CA. My grandparent's had one in Sacramento when I was growing up and they were delicious - messy tree but delicious fruit.
Have I mentioned how a large percentage of the population of Switzerland has been drugged lately? Can you see why? Allergy season has been brutal with the early Spring and not much rainfall. It's raining today so we are rejoicing - especially Rachel who woke up with one eye nearly swollen shut.

The girls have been taking advantage of the nice weather and we set up the Badminton net. It distracts them from getting homework done earlier but I'm happy to have them enjoying themselves outside. And then they spy the camera: You just never know what you're going to get!

Cheers from the Putzfrau! (aka Cleaning Lady which would be an apt description for today's activities)


MOM E said...

Myself, I think the little "birdies" in the backyard are the best!

Katherine said...

We have the SAME problem with a bird nesting inside the shades gap...and a VERY messy windowsill...