Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Photo Shoot? No....

So perhaps I'm taking up Home Design Photography? A little Shabby Chic perhaps? It's all about the details. And how they blend and compliment one another:
Aimed at capturing the eye and pleasing the palette of sight and taste: The use of the unexpected in an extraordinary way in an ordinary place:
Stylish and comfortable. Enticing and pleasing. You can't wait to sit and be part of it:
Everything carefully placed before the guests even arrive:

And we were the guests. Not fancily dressed but with hearts warm and full of laughter. Such is a visit to Bart's sister's in Germany. We are always visually stimulated by a visit to her place. She mixes eclectic pieces and colors together which I don't seem to have the creativity to do and it works so fantastically. Her husband says she should go into design but as she says "if I had to do it as a job, it wouldn't be fun anymore."
Bart's niece has also taken up baking as a hobby. So we were well stuffed and felt well treated when we left Monday.
Can we talk about a trip without mentioning weather right now? No? All I'll say is that we rode the train with "refugees" of air flight cancellations who were headed to London via Paris and our train was 1.5 hrs late in arriving to our destination - not Paris or London. That was Saturday. On Monday, due to snow in Northern/Central Germany, most trains in our region were already 1 hr. delayed and eventually our scheduled train disappeared from the board. But by that time, we had already made the executive decision to hop on the first train to Basel (Switzerland) and there would be numerous train options to Zurich from there.
Weird thing was - it was snowing like crazy in Germany when we left but Switzerland was experiencing a little "heat" wave and was about 45F. CRAZY!!! Needless to say, in spite of delays - I'm glad we didn't drive!
Hope you enjoyed my sister-in-law's place. Mine is a bit more, well, boring. But it's home. :)


Linds said...

Bart's sister sounds like my sister. She has an "eye" for style, and everyting is put together so beautifully!
It is 6C outside right now, which is ridiculous. The snow is melting. But back home, eveyone is buried under snow and Christmas day where I live will have a high of -4 and a low of -8. Unheard of!

Makila said...

LOVED the pictures. So cute.