Friday, December 03, 2010

David Garrett Concert

Well. Time flies when you're having fun. As per the previous post, things have been moving along in the Olson house at full speed. My mom is safely back in VA and I've been enjoying meeting with a friend who had moved back to the US and now we are looking at the weekend.

However, Bart hurt his back shoveling snow and is now a bit "crooked." Waiting to see if massage, rest and anti-inflammatories will do it. If not, we'll have to take him in to the Dr. So I canceled my activities for today in order to be close by and am getting some necessities out of the way. Including a Blog post!

Last May, we bought tickets for the David Garrett concert in Basel. The concert we went to last week. Sold Out. We were introduced to David Garrett's music via Rachel's violin teacher. He's a wonderful violinist (American/German by birth) and has a following for his interpretations of rock music. And we like it. He played everything from Michael Jackson to Pirates of the Carribean to Vivaldi and Spanish ensembles. The girls really enjoyed the experience in spite of the late school night out.

Now - if you look him up online, you will see the glossy image - something like you would see on the cover of a Romance novel set in the Black Forest. The rebellious, sultry German ready to whisk the maiden off to his hunting lodge deep in the forest.

Fortunately - what we were treated to was a young man who smiles while playing and obviously loves what he's doing. No hint of the German 'Fabio' during the concert.

I was a tad naughty and took a bit of video - it's not great - but will give you a taste. If there were requests to not video, I didn't see it or hear it - my German is not that good.

First up is Smooth Criminal (Michael Jackson) acoustic version - just violin and guitar (remember this is concert quality - bad):

and a Spanish number of which I cannot recall the name - please enlighten me if you know it:

I hope you enjoyed this little bit - we certainly did.

More later and yes, Bart's off to the Dr. tomorrow - the upper body is NOT supposed to sit an an angle from the lower body! Poor guy. He's not lovin' the snow right now.

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