Friday, December 17, 2010

Gotta love these days!

Hmmmm. Love a wintery walk in a Winter Wonderland.

This is what I thought (hah!) as I walked from the house down to the Bahnhof (train station) today at 4pm. Of course, this had followed a day of appointments, calls to get kids early from school due to weather, call from school nurse re: Rachel having a small fall at school and can she take the bus/train or do I need to pick her up (her posterior is in pain)?

I was not the "oh yes, I'll be right there" Mom today. I was the "OK Rachel - can you walk? OK, good! cause the streets are _______ (words that I thought but cannot write for my genteel readers nor speak in front of my children)."

Our thanks to the school nurse who drove her to the train station near school so she could get to Waedenswil and I could pick her up.

On a normal day, I would pick her up in the car. But today the roads were ______ and once I got the car up the un-snowplowed hill that is normally our street, I decided the car needed to stay in the garage. I wonder how many times I could work un-snowplowed into this post. I wouldn't have to if I were still in Iowa. If I were still in Iowa, I'd be complaining about the snow plow waking me up at 4 in the morning to start clearing the streets. They excel at that! Count your blessings!

It works differently here.

But I enjoyed a BEAUTIFUL walk down - no sarcasm - it was delightful and quiet and I didn't worry about other cars sliding into me. Even in the midst of all the chaos of today, I 'stopped to smell the roses.'

Now - before all h--- broke loose today, I had a hair appointment. And you know that you do not cancel such appointments prior to the holidays unless you or your child is deathly ill. Well, I don't anyway. It wasn't even for a cut - just the hi-lights so that it looked, in Bart's words "I can't see many grey hairs". Yes, my roots were showing.
And it looked great when N was finished. Ten minutes later, I put my hood on and ran around town a little - and had lunch with Bart. Walked some more and then:

And post driveway/walk/steps shoveling:
I paid $$$ to have my hair highlighted and blown out so that I could sit here on a Friday evening with it up in a half pony/bun. The look that is cute on teens/20 somethings but makes me look like a middle-aged mom who didn't have time to do her hair. LOVE IT!!!
Husband is shaking off his boots at the door. Gotta go!
His report: The wanderwegs are plowed but the street is still un-snowplowed. Still! Un-snowplowed since this morning and it's 11pm! Oy Vey! Good thing we're taking a train to Germany........................Pray that all of you trying to get out of town for the holidays are safe and healthy - it's a mess out there. Everyone will have a "story" when we're all together again.


Judy said...

My son calls "those kinds" of hair appointments "denying my age". I have one of those appointments next Tuesday and it is supposed to snow. I still drive the 90 miles back to Hutch. That gal has done my hair for 9 years and I just cannot give her up.

Makila said...

You are adorable