Sunday, December 05, 2010

Giving Thanks, Markets and Stuff Dreams are made of...

Bart doesn't typically like his pic featured prominently on the Blog but: He was sooooooo happy to have a Thanksgiving dinner. I'll admit, I was tempted to bail on cooking one this year. It was a very busy week, Mom arrived that day and yet, I couldn't fail the family. Our little group of five were very Thankful and ARE very thankful for all that we have: a Saviour, our health, our Family and Friends.

We were thankful for the good food we had and the Turkey pot pie which followed the next evening:
I was also thankful to have my Mom with us for almost a full week. She loves coming over at Thanksgiving - this was her 4th Thanksgiving with us! The only one she missed was when Dad had already booked his stay during that time.
She watched the girls overnight so we could stay in the City after the company Christmas party. She and the girls decorated the tree and watched a movie - enjoyed a girl's night. The girls did a great job on the tree. Rachel told Mom that "my mom's going to get home and tweak the ornaments around - she always does." But I got home and they did such a great job - no tweaking! My only complaint is they have so many of their own ornaments now (an ornament per year plus gifts) that I only have about 15 of my own ornaments on the tree this year.
Thank you Mom!
She and I hit the Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas market) in front of the Kloster in Einsiedeln. Had a great time sampling goodies such as local fruit wines (good for flavoring things or sipping with dessert) and chocolates, opfelchuechli (apple rings battered and deep fried with vanilla sauce - my favorite!) and, as we must this time of year, Gluehwein (hot, spiced wine). There is good Gluehwein and bad Gluehwein. Fortunately, we hit the good.
My girlies looking too old at their first concert. A quick funny that makes us wonder how they'll fit in next year: They're playing Taboo and Rachel's describing the word and Kendra/Bart are guessing.
R "this is something we need in order to live here" (Switzerland)
1st guess K "Visa"
Correct! but Bart and I recognize the context is a little odd for their age group. They play Taboo using context instead of key words and it's hilarious.
Mom and I were out and about in Zurich and I got silly with the camera again:
Takes a lot of inner steel to have hair that shade and wear a green fur jacket, Ja? But the gentleman to the right. That scowl walked right by me and growled. He was not happy that I was out with my camera. He needs a bit of Christmas cheer. Gluehwein, perhaps? I just smiled at him.
We did go to the Dr. for Bart and it appears to be all muscle related which is a relief. He's still pretty much sedentary and taking it very easy. We did not get to Germany to visit with his sister's family which was a bummer - we were all disappointed but will look for a free weekend in the new year.
Final funny: You know how strange dreams can be? So I had one early this morning that is still quite vivid and cracks me up because I can pinpoint where most of it comes from but none of it is related.
I'm at a party, in a place that looks like a condo I stayed at in Sun Valley, ID 23 yrs ago, I'm in a dress that's too short and therefore extremely self-concious, Kate Middleton is there (and although Prince William arrived with her, he's no where to be seen the rest of the evening), and JD and KD from IA are there (worship leader & wife/friend). I excuse myself from Kate M. to have a heart to heart with JD (miss you friend!) and then suddenly we're at a table where KD is explaining that he now picks up pastries for lunch instead of sandwiches because it's more cost effective.
I can explain everything except KD and the pastries. Unless the pastries for lunch is 'my' subconcious and not KD at all...........because that would certainly make sense.
Oh - and just to clarify, no, it doesn't make sense that I'd be at a party with Kate M. and Prince William - comes from reading magazine articles. ;)


Judy said...

Ha ha ha! Loved your dream! It made me laugh! Can't wait to hear what JD has to say about it.

Jennifer said...

Great concert blog and love the dream. I think KD meant to "hit the food court" and "swipe the credit card" but forgot so he got pastries instead. Merry Christmas!

Olson Family said...

Hah- Love that vid and it should be watched every Christmas holiday by those who enjoy the stylings of KD and BB! And Judy, Jennifer will soon be, while not close in location, in your adopted state soon. Brrrrr! But Merry Christmas to all!