Friday, December 10, 2010

A Night in Zurich

I'll take you along on a tour of Zurich at night. At the start of the Christmas season.

Here's the thing. We didn't know there'd be soooooooo many people. On a Sunday night. Most likely because I don't check schedules and that sort of thing. The tram took a detour as we were figuring out that, no, the tram wasn't going to Paradeplatz/Bahnhofstrasse as we thought. It was closed for the parade: For the Santa/Samiclaus parade which kicks off the full season downtown:
See - there's Santa riding down the Bahnhofstrasse in his little wooden hut - no flashy sleigh and giant cartoon balloons for this guy in Switzerland:
Although I tend to avoid large crowds of people, this was fun. Perhaps the large masses of people in one place helped keep us warm as well?
Paradeplatz was beautiful and the new lights definitely an improvement. See, when we first came to Zurich, there were "new" lights on the Bahnhofstr. They were tubes that hung down and pulsated with different light. Funky, modern and well, not very magical. The people wanted the magic back!
But the city of Zurich had sold the old lights and the customer would not sell them back! So the people of Zurich have endured the strange tube lighting until it was depreciated enough that the city could write it off and buy new ones.
According to the long timers, these "new" lights aren't quite as magical as the old but considering they are definitely more energy efficient, they'll do: I think they're pretty.

And the front of the CS building which always looks so festive:
The Frau Munster with the towers of the Gross Munster behind:
And heading off side streets through Old Town - No, girls! You will find none of those beautiful, sparkly shoes in your stockings. They'd blow the Christmas budget right out of the water! But they're pretty.
I think you have to be raised in the culture to fully appreciate the Hexenhaus. The Hexen (witch) is supposed to bring good luck of some sort but all I can think of is Hansel & Gretel and this just doesn't put me in the Holiday spirit.
And Rover sitting so patiently on the concrete barricade stand. He was NOT so patient once his owner let him down. Lesson: don't force dogs to wear light up collars and sit still while staring at giant Christmas trees - they'll never be the same again.
And the handsome man I was able to catch:
I've never seen these narrow streets so crowded. Added to the sparkle.
Heading to the Hauptbahnhof (main train station):

Where one can find a large Christmas Market complete with the annual Swarovski Christmas tree:
Tired kids always feel a little better with a goodie from Spruengli in their hands:
Yum - Truffes du jour (she likes dark chocolate!):
We wish you a Merry Christmas season amidst all the busyness that seems to come along. Lunches, potlucks, recitals, concerts, plays, Oh My!
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Shelly @ Life on the Wild Side said...

Thank you for the photo tour. It brings back wonderful memories of the very few hours we spent in Zurich back in 2008. We saw many of the places in your pictures. I would so love to go back someday.

Merry Christmas!

Susan said...

Beautiful shots of Zurich by night!

I'll be among crowds on those very streets tomorrow (Sunday) as Jesse is running with a group from work in the Silvesterlauf -- he'll be the guy with the chicken hat on!

I love the new lights; so glad you got to see them.

Yummm Truffles de Jour! I'm partial to the milk chocolate :-)