Saturday, April 17, 2010

Update to "So Many Things....."

I was going to just update the original post and then "Linds" comment really made me think. So I'm thinking aloud on the Blog.

One, flights are still grounded - and most likely won't be starting tomorrow. Our friends due to go out tomorrow (Sunday) are being told Thursday at the earliest.

And there is ash on my grass.....

But Lind's comment really got me thinking: "The knock on here is that there are warnings that the UK may run out of fresh fruit and veg. And as M**** says, if the tourists can't get here (Switzerland), the mountain will be in trouble too. This could get really serious."

Switzerland is a landlocked country. The UK is an island. We really rely a lot on imports. And many of us never think about how much is transported by air. Guaranteed that any of our Stateside mail will be significantly delayed. Heck, we waited 4 weeks for a mail packet sent in February as most of Switzerland was on Sports Holiday.

There are a lot of things that come via air and train transport. And right now, the trains are running overtime/overbooked trying to accomodate stranded passengers throughout Europe.

Imagine the US, Chicago east to NY - air traffic grounded for days. At least Europe has a well developed train system - even though it's quite stretched at the moment. Our pastor's wife and an elder's wife are stranded in Madrid right now. Trying to figure out if they should wait out the ash cloud or take the 14hr train ride back to Zurich. Makes the non-stop from Heathrow to LAX sound like a breeze. Except that flight is grounded.

All is NOT doom and gloom. A reminder that life does go on in spite of inconvenience. BUT, this is very, very interesting.

And I have ash on my grass......


Linds said...

It is interesting. I have friends stranded all over the globe right now - thank heavens Diana is only due to fly in mid May and not this coming week as she planned. Our school holidays end tomorrow, and according to the BBC, schools will have missing teachers, doctors will not be back, or psychologists, or business men....all stuck somewhere. Students, pupils...

But I have just been outside watching satellites flying across the skies. Amazing. So clear and no vapour trails to obscure them!

MOM E said...

As I sat icing the knee last night and surfing channels I found the History Channel's offering of Nostradamos followed by "The Next Nostradamos and the Yellowstone scenario showing food lines in the US...what timing! Perhaps D.. has the right idea with that 5th bedroom.
The immediate loss to the Airlines is a huge concern, more of the Global Economy is affected by aviation than we realize.