Monday, April 26, 2010

Tenerife Jungle Park - Screamin' Eagles

We were through Passport control in Zurich, on our way to Tenerife, and noticed the current 'art' display on our way to the gates through the ever enticing Duty Free shops. It was Swiss Chocolate Month (Easter and the Bunnies you know?) and they had a Chocolate Art display from various Chocolatiers from the different companies (Spruengli/Lindt, Cailler, Teuscher, etc....).

Little did I know that this picture of the eagle would be so fitting for a post: RICARDO! Please get off that young man's head!
You! You are not an Eagle. You are a cheeky bird with false eyelashes and as I'm in love with Ricardo, I have nothing to give you.
Remember "the Jungle Book" and the barbershop quartet vultures at the end "What do you wanna do? I don't know? What do you wanna do?" Well, one of them escaped....
NOT an eagle:
Something out of a JR Tolkien book. Except this one was alive and therefore, not a fantasy:
Not an eagle, but isn't this view pretty - condors look better in the air than they do on the ground:
OOPS! Not an eagle either:
Whew! Here's the Eagle. Yes, definitely an Eagle:
An Eagle who's ready to fly:
And can these birds fly:
You'd be running too if an Eagle was screaming down on you to land on your arm:
Flying at low altitude:
A little too close maybe?: Coming around again:
Yes - THAT close! Awesome shot! Not normally self-congratulatory but, look at that!
And all he really wanted was the dead.....well, never mind.
We really enjoyed our bird experiences at the Jungle Park. There were other fun animals too but this is but a FEW of my bird shots. I can't say that I've ever seen an eagle fly like this in person - they can dive bomb like nobody's business. I'm not going to touch the ramifications of why an island off the coast of Africa has a slew of North American Bald eagles and that they are semi-trained (the birds do 'fly the coop' ever so often but tend to return within a couple days) - we enjoyed ourselves.
Now there were people stuck on Tenerife for almost a week due to the Iceland Volcano issues (please don't ask me to spell it/volcano, please, please.....). Should we have been stuck - and would have been had Spring Break come one week later - we would have spent more time here. And at Aqualand. Because I would have contracted Island fever. The Jungle Park might have saved me. But we'll never know....... :)
Bart did go to the US and called from Target "so you want children's Zyrtec?" "no honey, adults Zyrtec" "and do you want the cream or ointment on the Neosporin" "cream please" "the big tube or the little one?" "two little ones" "how about one big one and a small one?" "No, don't spend money on a big one, we don't use it that fast but we lose them so two small ones" "OK" "I don't see Flonase" "well, it might not be called Flonase. Ask the pharmacist for an over the counter version - I don't remember the name" "OK. Hey Siri (his sister), go ask the pharmacist about the Flonase stuff" That man! I tease - so thankful he's will to go with a shopping list. Ever so often I ask for something here and I get something that seemed like what I needed but turns out to be not exactly what was required.
Fascinating conversations we have across the seas.....
Hope you enjoyed the Eagles. Next up, we will have the Volcano that did NOT blow it's top in recent history.

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MOM E said...

Nice pictures, remind me to wear a hat if I go to a "bird" show...scary.