Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Post Volcano Week

Well, Switzerland opened their airspace (limited) on Tues. and gradually headed toward a normal schedule. Most people we know are back where they belong although some are taking extended business travel in countries they do the majority of their work in.

Bart is planning to fly to the US this weekend for business but we've mulled it over quite a bit. It's not fun thinking through "what if" scenarios. Will the volcano cause more trouble? What if he can't get back for a week or two?

Because for all of those traveling over large bodies of water - there aren't many options. It's much harder to walk down to the docks and book passage on a ship than it is catching a flight. Not to mention the 6 days across the Atlantic. Or from Europe to Singapore? Interesting times.

We are very thankful our pastor & elder's wives arrived home safely - a 28 hour journey by bus (one without a WC!) from Madrid through Spain, France, Italy and Switzerland. Their flights were cancelled and there were no train tix to be had. A friends husband finally arrived home yesterday from NY - first flight to Switzerland from JFK. Their flight took them south over Spain and up to Switz. - the normal flight pattern is North Atlantic and coming back in over the UK.

But we still have produce and veggies - prices are creeping and expect to see them go up higher.

This may be a very boring post but this impacts our life right now. Again - imagine if air travel in half the US was shut down for 5 days plus - some countries are still shut down.

Bart and I walked out on the terrasse and watched a jet go overhead when we heard the noise.

Amazing how quickly we had become used to the quiet. :)


MOM E said...

JC's Boss called from Paris yesterday having given up on getting out of a 11 hour mini van to Madrid with strangers..then a flight to Mexico City...then a flight to Houston...then a flight to Edmundton, Canada. Eeeeek! A bit of patience might have been helpful..

Olson Family said...

Oh - the stories are incredible. The things people will manage to do in order to get where they want to go. Remember Steve Martin & John Candy in Trains,Planes & Automobiles = people are livin' it! I'm most sorry for those stuck in airports - halfway to where they need to go but without VISA's for the country their flight landed in. Yuck!