Saturday, April 17, 2010

So many things....

There's just a lot going on right now in the Olson household. It's "the Quarter" (1st quarter financial reports due for client this week) and Bart is working away, music recitals are coming up, Rachel started softball, friends/Bart's lead partner on the job are leaving at the end of the month, travel, anticipating the arrival of good friends in a couple weeks, Dr.'s appointments and various other meetings/school activities.

So many things. And a volcano. Which we think is probably the cause of the haze today. Has a different look than our 'normal' haze. Swiss Airports are still closed through 10pm tonight but may start some flights tomorrow morning. We have friends who are hoping their flight out to CA won't be cancelled tomorrow morning. Bart is hoping this won't disrupt business travel plans for next weekend to the States. Other friends/acquaintances are trickling in from the UK (business travelers) via the train. They are all going through Paris - I can't imagine the main Paris transfer station right now. It must be absolutely crazy.

A reminder that we are not in control. A time for patience and understanding. Still, it's a bit surreal that we've not heard/seen any airplanes today as we normally would - half the time, air traffic is routed 'around' Lake Zurich and even if you don't hear it, you see the planes.

Had good news from the Dr. this week. The MRI on my knee showed that the ACL (partially torn from skiing 15 yrs ago) is still intact, the meniscus is intact and there is just a bit of irregularity on a portion of the patella - a small lesion. Whew! And no osteo-arthritis evident which is great considering having prior surgery and age. No cure - just have to step up the muscle training (getting older so he said it will take more training than it used to - Ugh!) and take the Glucosamine/Chondroitin supplements for the cartilage health. So happy to have a non-surgical diagnosis but the recommended bicycling - where we live, not so "easy" to cycle. So it will take some effort to find out where I'm comfortable going. Too many narrow roads that cars and bikes share for me - or too hilly.

Well, the girls are after me to make Strawberry Smoothies. The stores are selling them by the flatload for cheap! right now. Cheap for Switzerland anyway. So we are 'strawberry loading' right now. Then off to start the weed pulling for Spring. And get ready for a good-bye dinner :(.

Hoping all is well in the part of the world you're reading this from. A favorite quote of the day:

Britain to Iceland: NO, we said "Send us your CASH."

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Linds said...

Hahahah! LOVE your final word! Isn't it just a perfect reminder that no matter how advanced mankind has become, there are some things totally out of our control - and I am supposed to be setting off for Switz by car next week. that may have to wait. We will see!
The knock on here s that there are warnings that the UK may run out of fresh fruit and veg. And as Marge says, if the tourists can't get here, the mountain will be in trouble too. This could get really serious.