Monday, August 03, 2009

MidWest Night's Dream (which sort of occurred MidSummer?)

Obviously my ideas about posting later in the day last, Thursday was it?, were far over-reaching. Here I sit on the 4th of August ready to finally post about the 4th of July. This has been the busiest season of activity I think we've ever had and it's not over yet.

NewsFlash: August 1st - Swiss National Day. There were reports of a small brush fire caused by Americans shooting off 'rockets' and 20ft 'fountains' in their backyard during Swiss National Day Festivities. Witnesses say the flames were put out quickly by the culprit with a garden hose.

Exciting Times! We had a good laugh. Bart is a Pyro and we didn't know it until we moved to Switzerland.

Back to July 4th - After our wonderful CA visits - thank you Family/Friends in West Sac, Orangevale and Fresno - we flew to Minneapolis and drove down to Des Moines to visit the Hood and Valley Church friends.

July 4th saw us on Lake Panorama most of the day with the Neighborhood. Thank you M & H and C & H for sharing the lake house and those of you who also came to spend time. Actually - they would have all been together anyway - we just showed up!

There were about 11 kids and same number of adults. It was a pretty drizzley day but we had some great food and a great time visiting. We miss the neighborhood! Fortunately the evening cleared up and I am showing you this really, awful blurry pic just to give an impression of all the boats waiting on the water for the fireworks. And this way, I don't feel a need to ask M & C for permission to use their photo - I can 't even tell who else is on there with them it's so blurry. The fireworks were good and we haven't missed a 4th in the US yet since we moved! The girls really enjoy it - proud to be Americans.
That Sunday we went to our home church, Valley and spend time that day/evening with friends from church/worship team. It was great to reconnect with friends I haven't 'seen' in a while but who I stay in touch with regularly. Some of their families have grown since we left - there are still some little ones and another on the way. And the guys had MORE fun with left-over fireworks. Thanks to the L's for opening up their home and hosting us all - thank you, thank you.
And here is the funniest crew of little/big girls who played all day and then again the next and then hugged and hugged when it was time to go. I hope that even though long distance, their friendship will continue over time in some way, shape and form.
Monday we had a get together with the business crowd - KPMG Des Moines. Great to see so many of the co-workers and their growing families. When we first arrived, we were one of only a couple families in the office. Most of his 'team' were married but when we had 'team' dinners, ours were the only kids. Now - it's a nursery. I think there were 7 babies under 18 months at one point in the P's living room.
Thanks to the P's for hosting that get together. I did have a moment of house envy when N was showing me around. They have a 'hidden' pantry that is the size of my kitchen! No joke! I was in love. And I forgot to take a pic. Probably better that way. :)
We headed back to Minnesota on the 7th and what trip to Minneapolis is complete without a Mall of America stop? So while I once again ran around crossing items off my shopping list (nothing exciting just necessities - makeup counts, right?), Bart was in charge of the girls in the amusement park.
I did do something else fun in the Mall but will save that for next post.
We were able to spend some good time with Bart's family and went to Wisc. for a day visit at his Aunt & Uncle's place (his mom's sister). His Uncle is a retired dairy farmer who sold his operation/property some time ago but not the house property. So they still live right there next to the barn/dairy.
The girls wanted to say 'Hi' to the cows. "Hi Cows"
And then went to play on the swing set - that their Dad used to play on!
We spend more time in Minn. with Bart's parents and extended family. We also enjoyed meeting Bart's nephew (19 mo's) for the first time - the girls helped keep him occupied.
Our time in the US was jam-packed but we enjoyed each and every visit. We didn't let down until we got on the plane for home. We did everything we had set out to do in the US and had a safe and healthy journey all the way around.
We are truly thankful and very blessed to have our Family and Friends. Thanks again to each and every one of you! God Bless.
At this rate, I may catch up with posting by time school starts - Aug. 17th. It's almost here! Have to do some Back to School shopping today and get Rachel's cell phone and get her bus/train pass and ....... get our head's wrapped around Middle School!

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Hi! It's me, Julie! said...

We had a great visit, too! Miss you guys! We are in Minnesota at the moment with my folks for the week and have wifi so I'm checking blogs. Haven't had enough down time to do that lately!

Thanks again for sharing your time with us. What a blessing! We went right in after you left and got email addresses for the girls! Natalie's is and Holly's is: so have your girls send some email our way... They'd love that! Sending our love! -J