Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Rachel!

Today is her Birthday - 11 years old! As I told her, sometimes it seems like just yesterday and other times it seems as though she's just always been with us.

Eleven years ago, on another Monday, we were still wondering who this little person was going to be. A boy or girl? And why didn't he/she want to come out to meet us? Why?! Besides, at two weeks overdue, there were only so many more McDonald cini-mini's I could eat while walking Max around the park each morning.

So the little girl born with a mop of black hair is now cruising down the street: On her birthday present. See Gma - she is wearing a helmet and some pads. Its a slalom board, not a street skateboard. She doesn't want to do tricks, she wants to ride and cruise down the street. Fine with me.

My 'nephew' B is a competitive skater and I'm just glad it's my girlfriend (the mom) who has to watch him all the time - how she does it, I do not know. But he's doing awesome and hope to get to CA and watch him compete someday.

I'm OK with Rachel not following in his footsteps.

She's having fun and getting some exercise.
She finds it to be a comfortable, portable chair too.
Happy Birthday Rachel! Mom & Dad love you mucho!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Rachel!!!!!
It's hard to believe you are 11.
We have so many happy memories of other birthday celebrations. We are glad we get to see you as often as we do, and your mom keeps us up to date on your life.
Lots of love,

Judy said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! I hope you all had a great day celebrating.