Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hi, I'm back.

Well, I still have Chamonix Part 3 & 4 to finish. It was such a cool trip and adventure, I still want to share - even though that trip's been over for almost a month. And we've been to Wengen and Milan since.

I am sitting here alone. For the first time since the last day of school. It occured to me this morning, as I walked out the door with Kendra, that I never took pictures of the girls their first day of school this year. We are now in our second week. It probably doesn't help that they started on different days this year.

It has been such a distracting and busy season - for months I've just been trying to keep up. Hoping to get a little organized and focused within this next week or so.

I put Bart's sister on the train for Germany this morning - to visit the other sister. And I have a few quiet days before my Aunt & Uncle come in from CA (yeah!) to visit. They will be in Italy most of the time and with us for a couple weekends. We also start our ladies Bible study Thurs. which will be great - I haven't seen most of those friends since our last lunch in June.

A new atmosphere of change at the beginning of this Fall season as well. Most of the moms I was acquainted with/friends with at the school have now moved away as have a good portion of our Bible study group. Just as Rachel is going through changes with schedules and friends at the Middle School, so is her mom.

It was raining this morning but starting to clear up nicely. I could sit at the computer a while longer but - the sun is beckoning and I could read the In Style magazine I picked up at the train station yesterday. Outside. Chamonix can wait.... :)

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Hi! It's me, Julie! said...

How was the In Style? I checked out Vogue from the library, very enlightening! I may check out In Style next...
Love you and praying that this season of life for you is filled up with His presence and provision. He is enough. : ) Love you!