Thursday, August 06, 2009

It's looming...

Departure for Middle School is August 17th. Rachel will be in the 6th grade.

Big Deal! Everyone goes to 6th grade, blah, blah, blah.

But not everyone gets to go buy a cell phone for their 10 yr old (she is 10 for a few more weeks, let's keep it that way) because they are going to be riding the train and bus to school. That is, in fact, the only reason she has a cell phone - public transit.

It was one thing to send her off for week-long school trips but now we are talking everyday transportation out in the big world without Mom at her side. Now, my sisters and I rode the city bus quite a ways out to school but we were together. I was in 8th grade and Kris was in 4th - we survived just fine.

My worry is more the train. She has heard me over and over: don't stand too close to the edge before the train comes to a stop, don't mess around on the platform - remember those 2 boys???? :( a couple years ago, don't lose your train pass, make sure you carry your train pass, don't use that cell phone for just anything, minutes on that cell phone are not cheap, put that cell phone away or I'm keeping it until school starts, pay attention while your on the train, don't miss your stops and so forth.

Rachel is hearing: Wah, wah, wah, blah, blah, blah......

But she is God's child and in His capable hands. So I am trusting again and know that she is an organized person and she will be just fine.

AAAaaackkkk! Am I being a little too dramatic? Dare I take pictures of her at the station like we did when she first rode a school bus?

Probably not. As much as I tell her my job now is to be the "Best Embarrassing" parent I can be, I know when to stop.

So she now has an official SBB 3 Zone card for public transit and a cell phone. She even had to present her passport and sign the contract for the cell phone - Swisscom takes it seriously. They want to know who's using it. I then asked Rachel for the francs to pay for the phone and she gave me a very confused look. Hahahahaha - I even got the very serious salesman to laugh with me.

Still trying to figure out how to split costs for the phone as it's a prepay phone and if she starts using it too often for non-essentials.....Hmmmm.

We are still basking in the glow of our Stateside visit although we have dropped the poundage we put on from all the delicious food we ate at every family/friend gathering. Bart didn't bask as long as he's had his nose to the grindstone since our return. I still need to get Chamonix up here. It was great - had a great time with Mom & John.

But right now must clean up for Bart's sister who arrives Sat. - the fun never ends.

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Hi! It's me, Julie! said...

I'm reeling from Mallory heading to Kindergarten...watching her walk up the hill without me (with her sisters, but still) will be ripping out my heart for a while, I think. And they don't even start till next week! Trust in the Lord with all your heart....I'll pray for you and me both!