Thursday, July 30, 2009

Home for 12 whole days!

We have returned - again - to our own beds.

Bon Jour! Merci! Parlez vou Englais? Trois Croissant. Un Poulet. Ecole. Telecabine.

I know a few more French words but my fear of misspelling (which is now evident to anyone who knows how to spell in French) outweighs my desire to show off any more of my linguistic skill.

All I know is that it's hard to switch from a language in which ALL letters of the word are pronounced - German, to a language with many silent letters and pronunciation puzzles - French.

I still haven't finished posting our US travels. And now I have approximately 800 pic's to sort from a week in Chamonix (Mont Blanc). I have a photo taking illness and I blame it all on the age of the digital camera. I'm waiting for my computer to throw a fit and refuse to load/store anything. Which is why I've invested in an external hard drive so I can get them all transfered and stored elsewhere. But first I have to delete & sort.

After laundry, pool cleaning and yardwork.

I've not had a computer on these travels and thus it has been a relatively technical free summer.

Which is not such a bad thing.

I'm off to vacuum the pool. Will hope to post later today :).

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