Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We had guests!

We had guests arrive from CA to stay with us (March 28) for a week and then travel for another week during the Spring Break. Sooooo, haven't been on the computer much. And after 2 days, I am almost, almost done with the laundry that threatened to take over my life. I'm also wound up about getting all these things DONE and CLEANED UP at home - which is not good for my sanity. So my goal is to relax today. My poor husband - stressful job and crazy wife.

OK - back to guests. So happy to have them. My friend (28 yrs of friendship :) ) came over with her family. We became a household of 8 overnight. The kids all got along great for 2 weeks (ages 8,10,12 & 14)! I was so impressed.

Our girls were still in school for the first week so I played tour guide - and they took an overnight trip to Heidelberg themselves. I'd say the highlight of their trip in Switzerland was the day we ended up in Engelberg and took the Titlis Rotair for a mountaintop view of the Alps.

We were supposed to go to the Lauterbrunnen Valley but my GPS informed me, as I started off driving, that the tunnel in the Pass was closed. The alternate would add 2 hrs roundtrip and I couldn't afford that with girls in school and a funeral that evening.

I suggested we try Engelberg/Titlis and we could have lunch at the restaurant up top. It was meant to be - Thank You God.

This was our view from the top - Beautiful - and those clouds in the distance? Lauterbrunnen Valley. They absolutely loved the views. But not the cold. My blood has certainly thickened up over the years - the minus 4 C was a bit cool for our CA guests.

Bonus - we stopped in the Cafe at the bottom (Titlis) and said Hi to M - the sister of Linds from England who I visited with last December. What a treat! Genuinely nice people who you feel you've known for years. No trip to the top is complete without these pic's:
Our living room became a disco complete with a bit of breakdancing thrown in. That is B, who is a competitive skateboarder - pretty much NOT afraid to do anything with his body. And that was just watching him dance - How my girlfriend survives his skating, I don't know. Wonderful young man - I really enjoyed spending time with him this trip.
And a day in Lucerne. Their daughter S was out last Spring with us and this was one of her favorite places. It's an easier place for her because it is small as well - not as much walking. She has JRA (juvenile rheumatic arthritis) and it was a tough trip for her as she's flared up in the last year and treatments don't always have the desired result. We are continually praying for this disease to go into remission.

I was so happy to have them all here. And last weekend, all we had to say was "see you in a couple months" instead of the usual year long wait. The end of June (CA visit) will be here before we know it!


Judy said...

It's great to see you back in the land of the computers! Sounds like you had a great time with your friends. Thanks for the pictures. Those Alps are STUNNING!

Linds said...

Ahhhh - I love Titlis, and that view is always spectacular. I was a little worried about you in Italy and the earthquake, but it si good to know you are all safe, home and had a great time!