Friday, April 17, 2009

The ink isn't dry yet, well the contract's probably not written yet

BUT - I will let you know that the Olson's are staying in die Schweiz (or der Schweiz - depends on which context you are speaking in and I always get it wrong) for another year.

Unless, someone get's their nose out of joint and decides they don't want to keep him (Bart) in Switzerland after all. It could happen. Which is why the title doesn't say "We have a decision! They made a decision!"

Everyone's still been asking and we had still been waiting. Got a call the night before we left for Italy to say that things were worked out (and there were THINGS) and we could proceed with life on the expectation that we are definitely staying. So the contract is in the works.

Unless, like I said, someone pulls the plug. Which we don't think will happen but in these uncertain times - one never knows. Which was part of the problem. Since Sept., when we were hoping to have an answer, things have been a little, um, topsy turvy in the Financial world. You probably noticed. If not, I advise you to not look at your portfolio accounts for, say, 5 years.

We were pretty sure by Dec. we were headed back to the States this June, and then the client made a significant change to operations. Therefore, it looked like we might stay. But economics comes into play as well with Expat employees and the Swiss office was trying to get their head around the fact he needs to stay. We've been given the go ahead. Whew!

If you are newer to SwissFamilyOlson, Bart is a CPA and works in the field of audit for financial service companies - primarily banking and mortgage. This last 14 months have included huge challenges in his job.

Quite honestly, it will be good when he's finished with this job by next April. It may sound "cool" that we get to live in Switzerland BUT this particular job has been very difficult and demanding. His work team has been great over the past 3 years but it is changing, due to rotations and client changes and will add a new element to the job over the next 9 months. He needs every travel break we take to get away and relax. I appreciate that he does not take his laptop on vacations and rarely checks his Blackberry.

I will let you all know when the ink is drying on the contract. And yes, we will be taking our annual summer trip to MN and CA to see family. We'd love to get down to DM but aren't sure our jet-lagged bodies would be able to handle the drive down and then back up. We tend to recover at Bart's folks - in the deep, quiet woods, with all the bugs and frogs and mosquito repellant. We'll see.

Now - I have to email my sister's because I didn't tell them yet we are staying!!!!!!!!!


Makila said...

I'm glad you have some sort of decision. :)

Susan May said...

I'm happy to read that you are (most likely) staying. I was just thinking about this the other day and praying for God's will to be done. I'll keep praying!

Judy said...

Isn't it (sorta) good to know what is up for next year? Maybe we can meet when you are in MN? Let's keep it in mind!

Julie said...

Good...I could tell this was really what you're heart desired. But I also know you are holding it with open hands! Hope Bart's year, if it's possible, is less stressful. That will be my prayer, anyway!