Wednesday, April 01, 2009

"Take My Life"

Take My Life by Warren Barfield

"This world is not my home
This life will pass
Only what is done for God will last

With the time we have
Let's not waste it away,
Let every heartbeat, Let every breath
We breathe say

Lord, take my life and use it up
Spread it thin like a blanket of love
Over the world that You gave Your blood for
Take my live, take it all, Lord

Lord without you
Nothing makes sense
Down here the grass dies
On both sides of the fence

So all my vain searching
Will never amount to much
Here's my life, Lord, use it up
For the cause of Love, For Your cause"

For WCQ who went home to the Lord this past Sunday morning, 28. March 2009 and his precious family B, A and N who miss him.

This song sounds much better than it reads and WCQ is who I think of as I listen. He was a man who affected many people here in our little church near Zurich. Our church family is very close - we are drawn to one another by need for family, friendship, companionship and our common belief.

A man who laid out his life for others to see - the good and the bad - so that he could declare what a great God we have. A God who loves each and every one of us - in spite of our sin. He was a man passionate about the Gospel and teaching children/adults alike. We will miss him but rejoice that he is now free from suffering.

Can I ask those we know - Please pray for his wife and children as we are and for their plans to return home to the States at the appropriate time.


Susan May said...

I found your blog recently, by way of Planet Nomad! This is beautiful - well said. You have a very nice blog. My prayers are with B and the family, and with your family, too.

Linds said...

I don't know him, but of course I can and will pray for his family. I am so sorry for the loss you must all feel for a dear friend too, Susan.