Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

8 different trains, 2 water taxis/buses, 2 flights and 3 cab rides later - we are home and not dragging one more piece of luggage for at least a few weeks. Italy (Venice and Cinque Terra), France (Villefranche sur Mer) and London in 10 days. Whew!

The beauty is that the girls are still on Spring Break (we get 2 weeks) and it's 10am - I'm still in PJ's. We had a great time with our friends and I will share soon.

After I do some laundry. Eww! I have a sensitive sense of smell and it's not that the clothes necessarily stink - they just smell like trains, planes and automobiles. Everything gets washed. Even the clean stuff.

My friend S said "Now I understand why you can get behind on your laundry - it takes so long to do it!"

She did a couple loads after they had been at our house for almost a week - right before we left for the week of travel. She found our washer and dryer to be quite slow. :) And they are smaller than what she has at home. It's the drying that takes the longest.

Our dryer doesn't have an external exhaust to the exterior of the house - you know, the big tube that gets filled with the lint the screen doesn't catch. And makes the neighborhoods smell nice with the scent of fabric softener.

It has a compartment that traps the moisture while the clothes dry - and I empty this tray with each load - a big tray of water. So - this method requires a bit more dryer time.

Which is why I have to stop posting now and get that laundry started. Now that I've had a coffee and feel semi-awake. I might even get dressed. Well, I have too. I need groceries too. :)


MoM E said...

Glad you're home safely and back to the "real world/laundry". Frankly I found the washer to be most interesting...brought a new meaning to the "stonewashed look"...must be the 30 minute wash cycle. As to Jammies..I saw young adult men in DC wearing jammie bottoms and down jackets last week..you could start a fad in Wadenswil.

Olson Family said...

I think the jammies and coat look is still a US and perhaps, UK, thing for the young people. We could pick out all the school groups (USA vs European) at the airport based on what they wore, hair - I pretty much have it down to an art form.
It's the hard water that 'stonewashes' the clothes - the 30 min. cycle is only for items that need a quick wash, everything else takes an hour. xoxo