Thursday, April 16, 2009

I got pulled over!

I kept thinking there was a funny to share while I was running around with our guests.

OH - that's right. I got pulled over by the Polizei!

We had returned from Engelberg, I ran into the little COOP by the school and was headed down the little road when I saw cars in the street, policemen/women and people loitering at the bus stop.

I kind of stopped there at the bus stop as I didn't know what was going on AND there was a Ped crossing.

If you've never been in Switzerland, Pedestrians have the right of way. If you come across a Ped crossing (yellow lines in street or yellow/black road markers) and hit someone - it's your fault. Even if they step right in front of your car. Because once they step in those lines, it's up to you to stop. You should have seen them coming of course. Even when they bounce out between buildings wearing black at twilight. Not that I've ever come close to hitting someone who did that. Just commenting....

ANYWAY, the policeman motioned me to move forward and pull into the empty lot. I noticed another car and there was one on the opposite side of the road as well. My friends are asking "why are you getting pulled over?" "I don't know!" Ahhhhh!

Policeman starts rattling in German - words that aren't in my vocabulary as I did not study the "Getting pulled over by the Police" chapter in my homework. Actually, I don't think it was ever included. "Sprechen Sie Englisch, bitte" I politely ask. "Uh, OK - car paperwork please and license"

I hand everything over. Then he asks for the documentation showing our car's annual check-up (required by law - another rule). And he checked the plates and around the vehicle all while the policewoman glared at us fiercely. And my friends are still asking "why did you get pulled over." All I can think is that, like at the end of Jan./beginning Febr. when they are checking for Autobahn passes (yes, you pay an annual fee to drive on the freeway), it is a routine check for proper paperwork, license, etc....

He comes back with all my stuff, gives it to me and says "OK - you may go." No explanation. I waited and said "It's OK?" He said "Yes, OK" And we drove off for home.

This is where living in a foreign place where you can't understand everything can drive you absolutely batty. My friends are sitting there saying "they'd never let the Police get away with that at home. Pulling drivers over left and right without a posted warning. Somebody'd be yelling about discrimination and rights being violated."

Tis true.

I'm just glad they let me go!!!!!!!


Makila said...

:) I'm glad he let you go too!

Jolyn said...

Sounds like he was chagrined that he didn't find anything wrong! Cali is a visit, not a move? Does that mean you're staying in Europe? (Did I miss something?)