Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Davos - 2009, Part 2

Well, it seems as though Davos was already ages ago. It's been less than 2 weeks but we've had school and visitors in-between and that seems to hasten the time. So I will finish it up while I eat something that says it resembles Mac n' Cheese. I've never had it but it was sent in one of our boxes from home. It's Easy Mac in a microwavable cup and I'm sure it's going to kill me.

I would love to return here. To this moment. Minus the -16 C temperature. My hands were quite frozen while I took pic's - and then the camera froze. Mom sent me up to Parsenn on Thurs. morning by myself so I could see for myself what it was like. Up 'til this time, I had only skiied these runs in white-out conditions or fairly heavy snowfall. It was incredibly beautiful! I had my best runs of the season up there.
Because this is what parents do:
This is THE ride in the mountains in Switzerland. So many grandparents and parents pulling their little ones around in their little bundle outfits. There are even "sled strollers." Way cool and almost made me wish I had a little one. But I'll settle for taking pic's of stranger's children instead. Easier on my back and no diapers to deal with.
How she thinks that's comfortable, I just don't know. Pre-accident of course.
Our last day:
It was so nice to share this time with my Mom. This is a sport I've shared with her for 36yrs now - I first went up when I was almost 6. I had to take breaks while working (tax seasons are not ski-friendly) and having kids (and probably, living in IA). But it is always an activity that makes me feel alive, exhilirated and honestly, joyful.
It's something that makes me yell out with happiness and laugh. What do you readers do that make you feel this way?
The scenery takes my breathe away - even while I take deep breathes.
I get to share it with Bart (even for a short time) and the girls. Thank you for the legacy Mom, and thanks again for spending so much time with us.
God made the snow. So we could ski on it!
PS - the Easy Mac tastes a little weird but I'm still eating it. :)

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