Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Bloggy Visitor!

IT"S ME!!!!

Where have I been? What have I/we been doing? Why have I not been posting lately?

All questions I ask myself. " Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'.....into the future....."

Well, we've been busy with all manner of activities and Bart with work. We see the light at the end of the tunnel - he HAS to depart with us on a train April 4 and he might not even work this weekend (holding my breath on that one honey, but it's a nice thought).

We have wonderful friends from CA arriving this Sunday for two weeks - a week in Switzerland and then we will travel together in Italy and France. When they fly back to the States from France, we will journey on to London. In booking flights, the Nice>Zurich flight was mucho expensivo and for close to the same money, we could route through London and spend two nights.

So with all that looming in front of me - I have been doing a lot of Spring Cleaning and attempting to control the jungle aka our backyard before everything leaves out. Once Sunday comes - I won't be able to get to any of those tasks and the thought of coming back to it all - Yikes!

I'm happy to say much of the to-do list is complete.

And we still have snow....... Skiing last Sat. was as near perfect Spring Skiing as you could hope for - hard base with nice Spring powder on top - and cold - it never went to slush. That said - it's near the end of March and still freezing here. Winter started in Sept. and I don't know that it's ever going to leave. I'm glad I like my coats and boots. I wore something v-necked the other day without a scarf around my neck and felt exposed! Bare skin touching the air! But my face is tan - I look weird.

Our friends are NOT going to like this weather. I hope it warms up in the next couple days.

So - between school, work, cleaning, church, and skiing - the Olson's are staying busy.

Not many other interesting items of note.

I am frustrated with the news and our politicians - so I can't really blog about that - trust me, you don't want me to. But I will just say this - Bernake and the Spin Dr.'s are throwing out that AIG bone as often as possible to keep the media/general public distracted from other things. Some things that already passed but aren't 'worth' prime time attention. Read between the lines and stay informed people.

There's also a lot of heaviness we are dealing with - medical and legal situations - of people we are close to or acquainted with. It seems that each day/week brings something new and probably adds to my reluctance to write about cheery things on the Blog. I just find it hard to write, right now.

That said, our skiing has been more a matter of service on Saturdays. We go with some other families from our church - one of which has their dad at home with terminal liver cancer right now - it's now a matter of days unless God in His plan intervenes. We make sure we all go out with them as it's important for the 7 yr old and 2 1/2 yrs old to be out doing something outside - and for their Mom as well. We try to give them 1 normal day out of 7. We are all so sad about this - and yet creating important memories about this time for this family. So hard.

So I am thankful - for my family and friends, for our health, for my husbands job and for a great God who loves me even though I don't understand everything.

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