Thursday, May 08, 2008

I deceive myself & Zermatt

Well, I didn't actually deceive Zermatt, just myself. But I am splitting hairs and you will understand the title in a moment.

I thought I'd have more time for Blogging this week. I didn't. We returned from Zermatt Sunday afternoon and the computer started making the weird clanking noises again. So I spent most of my Monday trying to backup all the files since Febr. and get laundry done. This was after all the laundry and packing so Rachel could go from Zermatt to the week-long school trip to Anzere (in mountains of the French speaking portion of Switz.).

I am still looking at 4 loads of unfolded laundry - if you need a towel, grab it out of the pile. 50% of Bart's dress shirts are hanging on the drying rack waiting for the iron - if you know anything about his wardrobe, that's a lot of shirts. And I don't like ironing but that's a whole different story and could take up an entire blog by itself. Also managed the process of switching/sorting the girls wardrobes (winter to summer) and figuring out what needs to be ditched or given away. Did I mention the weeds? So hours of weeding being done.

Because we leave for Amsterdam tomorrow. And somewhere I cook and repack AND get my hair done. Because I thought this would be a "dead" week. HA HA HA

Enough of why I have no time for blogging.

Here is the Matterhorn. It is one of the coolest and impacting sites I have seen in nature. Not that there aren't other mountains I may love more, it's just such a striking visual. Sitting there by itself saying "look at me." So we looked and I took just a few pictures.

Here is the bull that would have prefered to stomp on us rather than get into that truck (he was NASTY!!!):
I have to add a correction here: the animal above is not a bull. I was revisiting my pictures and realized the biological mistake. But you have to understand - this animal came out of the barn breathing fire and saw 8 of us standing on the path to watch the process and wanted to burn us up. I was actually torn between taking a picture or keeping a close eye on the girls (whose heads you see) as I was afraid we were being mistaken for Rodeo clowns. We were a bit worried as Bart was wearing a red backpack! When they finally got this beast into the trailer, it took awhile before it would even move "into position" with the others - the man inside was using a tazer gun of some sort on it to keep it from pushing him into the wall. It was NOT happy.

Most Swiss cows are happy cows. Like the cows in California. And they are "genteel" looking. I might have to do a post of the Swiss cows. We are generally out there hiking with a bunch of them loose in the fields. BUT - I do not EVER want to come across this gal because she has a whole lot of PMS goin' on. She acted like a bull - just didn't have the right stuff. And here's hoping they keep her behind the electric fence!

Back to our regularly scheduled programming:

Once again, the Matterhorn:
Another school family was in Zermatt at the same time - K and I walk and "do stuff" together and their girls are virtually the same age as K & R so we had a great time with them.
And the Matterhorn - with hut thrown in for variety:
Who are these children and why are they on our train?

And the Matterhorn:
The traveling icicle:

This icicle was being used in all manner of ways (for funny photos - keep it clean folks) by all the tourists up at the top of the Gornergrat station so the girls had to get in on the action.

And the Matterhorn:
Kendra practising her product endorsement skills.

Sidenote: It cracks me up whenever I see the Coca Cola glasses. On American Idol in the US, I'm sure that the Coca Cola slogan on the cups of Randy, Paula and Simon are not "blurred." But we are getting the feed from the UK so the logo's are blurred - I'm sure because Sky/Europe is not paying some licensing fee of some sort. But it is SO OBVIOUSLY Coca Cola that it cracks us up. Why bother?
So, Yeah, we saw the Matterhorn. And as I told my friend K, I must have taken 150 pic's of it alone. That 2G camera card is a blessing AND a curse - I can fill that thing up in 4 days (using a Canon Dig. Rebel) no problemo. Which is why it takes so long for me to backup all the files when the computer is in rebellion. Speaking of which, it's time to give it a break before it goes up into flames at my feet (not to mention, I am working on not compulsively sitting in front of the computer - I am a compulsive word person: books, mags, computers - AHHHH).

God spoke through a burning bush, why not a burning computer?


Makila said...

Beautiful pictures! Your girls are so cute. I hope all is well on the other side of the world. Have a great Mother's Day!

Josh & Sarah said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

I think that cow is related to the one that shoved me up in Murren last summer...same color..bad attitude!! Who are those charming children??? Anyone I know??? MOM E