Thursday, May 15, 2008

American Idol/Switchfoot

OK - We are on 'Continent' delay with American Idol and I just saw the final 3's performances (it's Thurs. night). Even though I already know who got booted thanks to the Yahoo homepage blurbs. Which are not 'Continent' delayed. I watch anyway as half the fun is the barbs between the judges and Ryan S. And I am a Simon C. fan. My husband is OK with this.

Anyway.....watching David Cook sing Switchfoot's "Dare you to Move" reminded me of a little incident on our Amsterdam trip. I have already shared this with my friend J.D. but I will share with all (and apologies to David Cook but he couldn't top the real thing).

We were in the Hard Rock Cafe in Amsterdam this last weekend (eating real, live, imported American food products and adding to Bart's HRC tshirt collection), when Switchfoot came on the video screen. Rachel and Kendra went into high gear with the air guitar and lip syncing at our table. Bart was so proud and at the same time wondering if he should be proud?

Yep, apparently I can get rid of the Veggie Tales CD's now.

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