Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy 'Belated' Mother's Day!

As the girls and I sat eating our last pancakes in Amsterdam, Tues. - "early lunch", I suddenly realized "Sunday was Mother's Day." I said this aloud and the girls looked at me in shock. "I forgot to call Gma E and wish her Happy Mother's Day! I can't believe I forgot!"

The girls though, start in with "Mommy, we still have time to make you something, right?" "We love you Mommy!"

This was the first time since having kids that I never thought about what this Mother's Day might be like. I'll admit, I've wrangled some flowers, homemade gifts, a spa package and a dinner out of them (Bart included) in the past. And it seems that over time with traveling, my Mom traveling, making Bart responsible for his Mom - I have let things slide on my end a bit.

And Mother's Day is not a commercial holiday here. We don't get many reminders nor does anyone talk about what they are going to do/what they are going to get.

Do I really care that I get something special on that day? No. Is it a nice treat to be recognized? Absolutely. My girls are old enough now to tell me what they think. And at this age - they're still saying some very nice things. So does my husband. On days that aren't Mother's Day. I count myself lucky and Thank God for our many blessings. He gave me my best gifts with Bart and the girls.

And Bart would say that a weekend in Amsterdam with him and the girls should be present enough. Yeah. OK. Sure. Thanks Honey! hee hee

So here are some of the Motherly things I did this past week:

Ate pancakes with my girls on our last day. Due to work 'stuff,' Bart ended up flying out early and we trailed behind. May we just say for the record that Kendra is the "Panacake Queen." No I did not misspell 'pancake.' She actually pronounces it 'panacake' and we think it's cute so we don't correct it.

The dutch pancakes are as big/bigger than your plate and come with all sorts of things either topping them or cooked in with them. We found that a combo of a plain pancake sprinkled with powdered sugar and then a pancake with bacon and cheese suited our needs just fine.

And I walked behind my girls as we climbed the stairs to the apartment we rented. OMGosh! Steep Stairs! Not as steep as those to the secret annexe in the Anne Frank "Huis" (house) but pretty darn close. So we always followed or tried to lead - just in case someone stumbled.
And soaking our tired feet in the reflection pool in the Museum Square. Ah, that felt good. We enjoyed ourselves and I'll have to tell you all about it. HOWEVER, I am still trying to tackle the Mt. Everest of laundry. Will it ever stop? It has never been this bad before! Why am I blogging when I could be folding laundry?

My point - Happy Mother's Day to all of you mom's who are reading this. Remember to enjoy the foot soaking and pancake eating moments with your kids. These times are precious and God given.

We've had almost 10 yrs with Rachel and we realize we are at the half-way point should she change her mind about living with us forever. (Excuse me, do we get a vote?)

And the first thing I did when the girls and I dropped our bags at home was call my Mom!


Anonymous said...

As your Gma B used to say "everyday is Mother's Day"... I consider our weekend in Italy a real Mother's Day treat...after all it's the whole year that counts, not one day...MoM E

Olson Family said...

My mom is so cool!