Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Any Questions?

It is May. And 2 years ago we made our first trip over here to see whether we thought we could live in Zurich. I've been thinking about our house in Urbandale, our friends and neighbors, church and schools. Sometimes I think about my little daily drives and routines there and compare them to here. I enjoy(ed) them both.

I(we) still really miss friends - family as well.

So what I'd like to know is - Does anyone have a question for us that I can answer via the Blog?

You can email or leave comment.

I try to write about the travels (of course) and funny observations about living abroad but sometimes wonder it there's anything I leave out. We are starting to forget what some of the differences are here. We really notice the changes at home (USA). For instance - a CA gas station asked for my zip code in order to use the credit card at the pump. Problem was, the credit card I had used a European zip. Fortunately I had a $20 on me.

Speaking of gas - there are 3.78 liters to 1 gallon (WorldMetricCalculator). We are paying 1.89 chf/ltr which is about $7.14 per gallon. What are you paying?

Makes the train cheaper every day!

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mandy said...

over $7 for gas????
hope you survive!!!

two years?