Sunday, October 22, 2006

Watch your Speed!

Well - Here you see us traveling very comfortably by train. The girls are essentially free with paying parents so for nearly the cost of gas in 1st class train tickets, we arrive rested and on time to our destinations (at least in Switzerland - not sure how many Italian trains we'll be taking). A funny- only Susan & Kendra can ride backwards longterm without stomach issues - the family does a seating swap at the Bahnhofs (stations) depending on how the trains arrive/depart.
And last week when we got all our mail from being out of town - OUCH! - a post from the Zurich Polizei. My heart sunk. This notice was for real. You see, every few weeks when we first moved here, we would get mail from Zurich - Police with these large amounts due. Each time, I kept thinking somehow I got caught speeding or something - and then I would read enough of the German to realize it related to a "policy" of some sort (auto, home, etc...). Police, Policy - not the same! But Polizei - THAT would be 'police' in English! My first speeding ticket - but it was via camera so was sent to BART!! HA HA!!! The good news is that Bart understands - almost everyone gets a ticket from this camera box at least once - it is on a downhill slope and you have to ride the brakes to maintain the speed limit. I was 10 kmh over on a 60kmh - equiv. of about 6 mph over - they are REALLY getting a lot of CHF ($) out of their auto penalty system. No wonder the country has a National surplus. And I just added 40chf to it!
We also celebrated Kendra's Birthday on Wed. She was a happy girl - 6 years old. I will post the pic's as soon as I can download - need to clean the Murren photo's off first!

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