Monday, October 16, 2006

Murren - Part 2

Bart and the girls. Always ahead. I always trail behind - taking pic's and enjoying the scenery. We were able to get in some good hiking, played on the kiddy playgrounds, ate a lot of good food and read some books!
This is the village of Murren. It is basically built on the side of the mountain and this pic. is taken from the gondola as we left. It is a one mile, 2 gondola car ride up from the Lauterbrunnen Valley floor up to Murren (approx. 5,400ft high). This was after 2 trains and a bus. Murren has the distinction of being the closest village to the Shilthorn/Piz Gloria peak - most commonly recognized from the James Bond film "In her Majesty's Secret Service" as the revolving mountain top pad that gets blown up. Well - it is a revolving restaurant and has views that cover the Alps as well as the across Switzerland into Germany. Awesome! And as far as the gondola rides and tunnels - glad the Swiss are good engineers!
Murren's other distinction is that is has an incredibly unobstructed view of 3 of the Alps highest peaks - the Eiger, the Monch and the Jungfrau (they are behind us in that order) - right across the Valley. The portion of the Alps connected with these are almost as high and go on as far as the eye can see so it is amazingly beautiful and awe-inspiring. Rachel and Kendra liked the Eiger the best - it was the pointiest! We could have done more down in the Valley (waterfalls, shopping, etc...) but Bart and I were enjoying being up so high and loving the view that we decided we'll have to go back to do the rest later.