Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Scrapbooking & Fighter Jets

As I was sitting at the desk looking at approx. 200 photos I just rec'd from the States (cheaper for me to process digitally online and have shipped than to do it here), I thought of the girls who last week spent about 6 - 8 hrs of their free time working on their scrapbooks. They are so up to date! I am soooooo far behind! And I just added another 200 pic's to my pile. I'm ill and need to find a recovery group for people who take too many pic's. But I would fall off the wagon quickly as I do like all my pic's (those that turn out anyway) and I do actually print them out vs keeping them forever on disc.
And as I sit, 2 fighter jets just roared by down the length of the lake. Awesome!! We like to go outside and enjoy the noise of it as well. Sometimes it is only 2 jets, sometimes 8 - 10. As we have read, the Swiss does not have an army as the Swiss ARE an army. There is compulsory military service for all male citizens and they basically serve in the Reserves until 40? yrs of age. It is not unusually to see a man/men riding the train with his machine gun on his way to reserve duty - the guns are theirs to keep at home. Of course, if it is not convenient for a man to serve when requested, his company can of course pay for his absence. Anything(legal) is possible here with the appropriate currency.

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