Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Rachel & Kendra - Murren, Part 1

Rachel "Here we go - another trail. I get to be in front. Yeah, Mom, I know - Be careful. I don't need my walking stick anymore. Can I have my walking stick?"
Kendra "Not more walking?! Are we going back to the hotel. When will we be at the hotel? I'm tired. It's so beautiful - are we going to go swimming now?"

We are back from Murren safe and sound. More pic's and tales later. In spite of the above (real quotes!), the girls did great and we did 2 long hikes for kiddos. Even Mom & Dad had tired feet. Summary - Beautiful, we will return!


Lynn Breakenridge said...

I really enjoy reading your blog. The girls look so adorable as it looks like something out of the Sound of Music. Tell everyone hi from Lynn. Miss working with Bart and especially my little friend, Rachel. Take care and God bless!


Josh & Sarah said...

There was a family at church today who had a little girl that looked so much like Kendra - it stopped me dead in my tracks until I realized what was going on.

I agree that it looks like it is right out of The Sound of Music. Have a wonderful week!

Mom e said...

What a nice picture, love those girlies and those Alps! Can't wait to get hiking with them myself!

AntSoozie said...

Well I thought immediately of the Sound of Music! I came to post my original thoughts and comment, and see every one on the same pun intended. Love all the pictures and stories. Fun stuff. Love Ant