Wednesday, November 10, 2010

With a Mission

One finds oneself with a different mission at various times. Sometimes it's a mission to find marshmallows - which seem to have gone missing from Coop and I must grab some at the candy store in Sihlcity. Or to find the perfect black boots for the season. Oops - took care of that last year. This year it's brown boots as, Yes! M, J and C, I have worn out the ones I bought in Hungary 3 years ago! Has it been 3 years already?

Today I'd like to share someone else's Mission. She is a delightful young lady - Carissa, a graduate of Cal Baptist University in Riverside, CA (my Alum) and has given her time and efforts to Global Xpress - this is her baby. Her mission is to reach children and give them a heart for - Missions. The program uses fun activities and visuals to educate children about different parts of the world: what they eat, landscape, local religion and lifestyle/culture.

One of the things I have most appreciated in living outside of the US - and traveling - is the time taken to learn about other cultures. This encompasses not just what kind of coffee do they drink at what time of day - "coffee culture" exists for a reason! - but what do they believe and how do they view other cultures? To love others, you must learn to walk beside them - have empathy for them. It helps to begin with the smallest understanding of their world.

Most of us will never live in a place of real hardship. But some have. We sponsor children through Compassion that live a life our girls will never experience. But they need to know that it exists. And that people can still be happy and love the Lord even when they don't have 15 stuffed animals at any given time on their bed - in their own rooms.

So Carissa's program helps educate kids in a fun and simple way about children in other countries. It's a great resource - they've already done all the work. Good for home schooling, Sunday School supplements or simply to have at home if you want to add something to your family reading/activities.

Links to Global Xpress: and blog is

From afar - we've enjoyed hearing how this program has been blessed over the past year. And if you check out the vid on the blog you will see one of my awesome Bro-in-Laws!

*Correction - 2 years since I bought the brown boots heading into 3rd winter. But they are worn out - starting to hurt my feet. Sign that it's time to go. Now if we could just get a similar sign re: location - hahahahahaha............


Makila said...

Good luck boot shopping. :) I will be sure and tell Ben you wore out your other boots. Hasn't it only been 2 years? :)

Olson Family said...

You're right Makila - 2 years! It seems like longer. And we walk so much here it does wear out the shoes quicker. :)